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KDE Plasma 6.0 Lands More Performance Optimizations, Better Wayland Gaming Experience

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    Originally posted by gfunk View Post
    Its not really clear anywhere what the difference or benefits of KwinFT are , anyways glad to see reducing input lag and gaming improvements are a focus as part of plasma 6
    There were some great blog posts when KwinFT was getting started by Roman, and they highlighted some of the advantages, some that used alternative screen management libs to support KwinFT but could be used with Kwin too IIRC. Since then there's been a bunch of rework upstream by the Plasma devs with Kwin and other packages regarding display management, so I'm not sure how these compare now.

    KwinFT doesn't have the same scheduler that Kwin had been working on improving since which gave us those additional settings for the compositor to favor latency vs smoothness, and the cursor improvement ties into that I think, so probably not applicable to KwinFT?

    In VMware on Wayland at least, Plasma 5.27 kwin cursor is not stuck in the VM guest window but was in releases about a year ago, whereas KwinFT 5.27 last I checked was stuck. For VMs in general though as my linked issue earlier shows KwinFT isn't all that usable, no issues with Kwin and some bugs with effects that used to cause problems there have also been resolved.