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    Originally posted by Barnacle View Post

    You're saying it's impossible to write bug free C code? and I suppose bug-free code comes standard in all Rust projects?

    I'd be happy to show you my bug free C code except I'm not going to out my identity just because some Rust fanboy demanded receipts. I'm sure you are 0% qualified to make that evaluation anyway, and wouldn't spend 2 seconds of your time trying.
    I find it so bizarre that this is the stock response to being asked to see source code when responding to outrageous claims.
    You do know source code is text, right? Biblio? Something that can be easily shared as this very post you're reading? You don't need to give me your address, I'm just asking to see some code. Text. A creation as old as fire.

    And no, bug-free C code is totally possible. You just have to have NASA's level of quality (after they decided on using metric units, anyway). Although there is no such thing as bug-free code, Rust does inherently eliminate most common bugs in programs written in other languages. I won't get into why that is though, since you don't know Rust, and it's pointless to have a discussion about a topic when one of two parties knows nothing about the subject.


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      Originally posted by dev_null View Post did exactly what C++, but with a different syntax.
      Sounds like you either didn't understand how the language works or you are ignorant. Syntax is only a tip of the iceberg when it comes to programming languages.