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Google Chrome For Linux Arrives, In Dev Form

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    im having a really bad scroll performance with my nvidia 9500gt
    im using proprietary drivers and tried alot different ones but none really seemed to fix that issue for me...
    my brothers old intel notebook had way better scrolling performance and it kinda pisses me off that a relativly new nvidia card sucks on that part...


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      fuck flash in general hopefully html5 and svg will kill it in good time, but at any rate, chromium is the fastest browser on linux, faster than ff 3.5b4 by 3X prolly, no delays on opening new tabs and such like FF, no delays when loading like 10 times, oh and if u use ff on linux u might notice, it fucking crashes, don't even try and deny it.. im not sure if its flash related or not but it happens..

      chromium pretty much rocks, it takes much more advantage of multi core systems with its process model.... goooood stuff finally a browser that truly rocks, seems to be getting better daily as well

      A+ chromium for the win!!!