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Enlightenment E16 Reaches Version 1.0.0

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    E16 (and 17 as well) in it's default form is not very nice or user friendly, even though E17 have done things "better" for new users. But speaking of usability, which is impossible since we are all individuals, my setup of E16 is my definition of interfacing with a computer, period. That nobody else understands what to do when they sit in front of my workstation, I don't care about. They can log in and use Gnome. I'm a little surprised to see a fair amount of negativity over this project.. apparently because it is not for "mainstream" use. So glad that with open source there are many projects that suit many different groups of people, instead of the typical "one size fits all" of proprietary software...


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      Originally posted by bnolsen View Post
      Hmm...did E17 ever get wireframe resizing and moving?
      I had to stop using it because of idiot 3rd party software which killed the x server during resize/drag.

      E17 was the best manager for handling multiple heads.

      E16 when i tried it seemed to be more about eye candy than usability.

      I've been disappointed that they decided to go with 'c' entirely.
      At least they could have used very basic c++ objects, namespaces and the inherent safer type checking which IMHO is important for GUI code usability.
      I'll check out an overlay of e17 tonight and let you know about window wireframe resizing. If I can remember to do so!
      (Compile issues, I'll have to try it at a later date).
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