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GNOME 44 Release Candidate Arrives With Many Last Minute Changes

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    Originally posted by cynic View Post

    same here. Never had a sleep issue with any of my machines (mobile and desktop PC) in at least 10 years.
    lemmie guess, you have only had laptops with intel wifi? broadcom still behaves weardly after the resume. tested on up-to-date tumbleweed on hp g8 845 lappy


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      Originally posted by George99 View Post

      If I want my desktop going to sleep I just press the power button once. But I don't want my running calculations to be stopped automatically when I am AFK.
      True to a certain extend - I 'm also doing a lot of calculations on one of my rigs. There automatic sleep is set off.
      But I also have a kinda "on the fly" system for browsing, gaming, writing, what so ever.
      Usually lightweight tasks which are also easily interuptable. On this system I'm using the automatic sleep function because I can do multiple things as I want without reminding my self to switch off the computer.


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        Originally posted by szymon_g View Post

        lemmie guess, you have only had laptops with intel wifi? broadcom still behaves weardly after the resume. tested on up-to-date tumbleweed on hp g8 845 lappy

        All my notebooks are (and were) Intel Thinkpad and my desktop PCs don't have wifi (or it's always disable anyway).
        wasn't aware of that issues with Broadcom drivers.


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          Originally posted by mangeek View Post
          I mean, think about it, do Windows or macOS releases even have anything worth paying attention to anymore?
          Well they both have some sort of monopoly. Apple can come over hardware (switch to arm as example) and Windows has the DX Compatibility, but also as example their browser didn't they have now A.I. integration as example?

          Also I don't want to compare to something that I deemed as bad already that's like saying you aren't poor <5% poorest in your country because in afrika the average is still poorer than you absolutely.

          Now a comparison to as example Plasma would be more compelling, the question becomes at some point why need every 6 months a upgrade the main reason for some distros to also upgrade every 6 months, when nothing changes or very little.

          Now it's hard for me to say what should come in gnome as I only use it for my gaming pc and not really work with it anymore, but better integrated solid tiling support, better multimonitor support would be a start, do they even do email anymore? Is it still Evolution? I guess firefox plugin support for the browser? would be a thing to mention, was that this or last release?

          their media player is a joke everybody uses mpv instead, make it a better mpv wrapper maybe? I don't know, does anybody use their "documents" app? How about making GDM less resource hungry? Just a few thoughts.


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            Originally posted by pracedru View Post
            I've tried Gnome-Builder a few times and I always like where they are going with it. But there have been way to many sharp edges for me to use it for anything yet. Could use some polishing.
            Wouldn't be better to gain adoption to develop an official VSCode extension for GNOME development?


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              Originally posted by curfew View Post
              I've owned three laptops from three different generations of Dell XPS 13 and only the first one didn't have issues with sleep. That one had an Intel wifi chip, IIRC. The latter two have come with Broadcom shit (wifi + bluetooth) which still to this day sometimes crashes when resuming from sleep.

              These issues were absolutely horrendous back when I first got the laptop (wifi would fail during use and trying to reboot the laptop would cause a kernel panic + system freeze) and have since smoothened out, but already in 2023 I've suffered of it once or twice. Then again, I do use sleep heavily since my laptop sleeps a few times a day and I don't necessarily reboot it more often than once every fortnight.
              Oh yeah i have:
              [magnus@laptop ~]$ lspci | grep Wi
              01:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wi-Fi 6 AX200 (rev 1a)‚Äč
              Not sure what my other laptops had.
              One would have thought that the Dell XPS 13 was more Linux friendly since Dell has been targeting the Linux users with it.


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                I had assumed most linux users had also blacklisted Broadcom along with intel. I normally go out of my way to get intel wifi cards - AX210 is both cheap and amazing.

                Next OEM that may need to be boycotted is upcoming GPU manufacturer Moore Threads. its lead by former nvidia and seems like they want to emulate nvidia in how they work (even though they use a closed source fork of mesa).