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KDE Sees Many Plasma Wayland Fixes This Week - Plus Spectacle Screen Recording

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    Originally posted by Berniyh View Post
    That has nothing to do with Flatpaks or btrfs for that matter. It's even in the bug report.
    It's only more pronounced in such cases, due to circumstances.
    You can provoke the same behavior in other ways, e.g. when updating many files at ones that are watched by KDE apps for change, all of which are wanting to update at once.
    btrfs might be more prone to such IO loads, but it is also present on other filesystems (e.g. ext4 is noted in the bug report).
    Doesn't really have that much to do with btrfs features.

    It's basically the same as the ticket shop for a popular band opening sales and everybody is storming in to get some. Things will go badly, no matter how good your ticketing system is. It might be mitigated to some degree, but it's going to be bad.
    Makes sense. Thanks for bringing context