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    Originally posted by Sonadow View Post

    22 hours of battery life on the M2 Macbook.

    In the meantime, Linux drains more battery than Windows on the same hardware.

    And as usual, Linux users will blame everybody except their operating system for this state of affairs.
    That we tolerate trollesque behaviour does not mean we encourage them.
    And this comment mate, is 100% troll behaviour.
    Either bring actual source on recent hardware and software proving that the difference is significant over various laptops and distributions, or just don't comment. Thanks.

    As for the Macbook battery life, it is indeed impressive (although that time is with *very* light activity) and certainly nice for hard-core people who are unorganized enough to spend more than 12 hours away from a plug (I was gonna give some credit for the "unconnected traveler" use-case, but when traveling in rough environments you'd rather pick a rugged & waterproof hardware rather than a luxury piece).
    But considering it's the same people that design software and hardware and have overall a handful configurations to support at best, it's actually a normal expectation to target for both them and consumer. Especially since you get locked in hard as an "accessory".

    Just FIY, unless you go for powergamer laptop it's easy enough to get 7+ hours of battery with constant use of wifi network and mid-range brightness on any recent workstation. Under Linux at least. And the best can pump over 10 hours.

    If you're making CPU/GPU intensive use most of the time while unplugged then yes, "random laptop" probably won't be enough for you. For most users though the average workload is compatible with 6/7+ hours of battery, which is largely sufficient for them.
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      Originally posted by Citan View Post

      You push a very personal opinion like it's truth, without even the beginning of a proper argumentation or comparison.
      And then you speak about reality?
      The opinion is actually not the that personal if you would have actually seen the video. But you didn't.


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        Originally posted by Steffo View Post

        The opinion is actually not the that personal if you would have actually seen the video. But you didn't.
        Of course I didn't. I'm at work during the day (no youtube), and having social life at evening/night (no time to watch videos unless it's really short).

        Furthermore, it's reasonable custom for the one bringing up some opinion to be the one backing it up with arguments instead of delegating the work.
        If that topic is that annoying for you, and you consider this video worthy as a source, surely you would have most arguments and numbers in mind?