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HUGE perf difference between Windows and Linux with ffmpeg

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  • HUGE perf difference between Windows and Linux with ffmpeg

    I rarely use Windows but was doing some tests out of interest today. I have loads of videos to re encode to AV1. Nothing fancy I just use libsvtav1 and set preset 3, crf 32 with opus audio.

    ffmpeg both running 5.1.2 (I even manually downloaded latest autobuilds of both)
    To encode 1 min on
    Windows 11 takes 2:54
    Arch Linux Zen 6.1.6 5:09
    Arch Linux Intel Clear 6.1.5 4:47

    I don't know what I can do to get get close to Windows performance with FFMPEG. I even played Serious Sam 4 on benchmark mode while encoding and Windows just took 3:17 with little to no stutters. I'm both impressed and saddened. I mostly encode in the background while working / gaming. Any ideas to close the gap?

    HW: 5950X
    GPU: 5700XT

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    I haven't used AMD video cards on Linux in a while, but I was wondering if open source mesa drivers vs amdgpu pro drivers made a difference. Found this reddit post that may be useful to you.


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      Thanks for the reply. I don't use any GPU acceleration. I always found the quality to be too low on both NV and AMD. So I use software / CPU based. Still it's a big difference in performance almost double. I wonder what the bottleneck is.


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        What I have noticed is CPU usage on Windows AVG's around 80% with regular peaks to 100%, Linux AVG is around 40% with occasional peaks to 60% - clearly shows Windows is using CPU better - which is odd for Linux vs Windows.