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libheif upgrade prevents displaying HEIC images

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  • libheif upgrade prevents displaying HEIC images

    Hullo Everybody,

    I noticed on various fedora 37 desktops that a regular update of the libheif package last week to version libheif-1.14.0-4.fc37.x86_64
    resulted in Image Viewers (eog, ristretto,mirage but not Gimp) to crash on opening any heic file I had seamlessly opened before (coming from Samsung mobile phone).
    I have not been able to find any other mention on the Internet of such issues...
    Before the upgrade I was perfectly able to double-click open and view the images.
    Does anybody experience the same relevant issue?
    Does anybody know if it has to do with recent scary patent potential violations?
    Do you suggest reverting to the previous libheif version in Fedora? Any hints on how to do so?

    Thanks in advance