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Firefox 105 Now Available - Better Linux Performance Under Memory Pressure

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    I hate the amount of memory Firefox uses but I'm not convinced Chrome or other browsers with the same add-ons are any better. Chrome on my work laptop with ~50 tabs open currently has almost 4GB of RAM, Firefox on my home computer with ~50 tabs has something similar. (Measured in `top` on both machines.)

    I blame the websites, not the browsers. If I monitor memory and navigate Sourcehut (no React, no Vue, no Angular, no Bootstrap, no jQuery, no trackers, no ads) my memory usage goes up by a few MB per tab, and most of that is from the images. If I pop open Youtube in any browser my memory usage goes up many hundreds of MB.

    Shared memory between sites and processes has been shown to be a security risk, both in terms of buffer overruns and also information leaks. I think the problem is the web, not the browsers.


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      Originally posted by oleid View Post
      Uh, that is what buggs me about Chromium most (I use Chromium only for pages that don't work with Firefox on my work laptop with Debian 11). Very nice. Do we know if these changes are available for Android as well?
      Chrome has also has a memory pressure system. It took a while to implement for Linux too, but they did that two years ago. If I start very aggressive compile jobs and take all the memory in the system, the Chromium based applications all go blank when they clear their caches and kill helper processes to free up memory. Of course under less pressure they just clear caches, which is much harder to spot as it only means slightly slower reloads.


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        I'm not noticing any difference yet with my 8GB circa 2010 build. Firefox works just fine anyway for me. Having said that any improvements in memory usage are appreciated.


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          Originally posted by stormcrow View Post
          A very vocal few still stuck in the early 10s with only 4GB of system RAM?
          Poor people are buying computers with 4GB system RAM in 2022. A whole lot of Chromebooks have that much. Also phones, because Firefox Android exists (and is notorious for losing tabs under memory pressure).