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Flatpak 1.14 Released With Improvements For Sandboxed Linux Apps

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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post

    This seems rather buggy, it seems to want to uninstall Gaphor which is a diagram application. I don't want to uninstall any applications, just unused runtimes that are left over by applications that has been uninstalled or upgraded to no longer rely on that runtime.
    That would be a bug. I have Gaphor installed as well but the `remove --unused` command doesn't remove it.


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      Originally posted by cl333r View Post
      I don't know if it's flatpak or Telegram's fault but the flatpak version of Telegram (on Ubuntu) can't save (pictures or video) with the "Save As" option (it's glitchy) when inside an session (wayland works fine, but wayland itself is too buggy on KDE).
      I use Telegram on Tumbleweed-KDE and here it works fine in both Xorg session and Wayland. Ubuntu 20.04? Perhaps the problem is the outdated version of Flatpak that Ubuntu uses.