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Git 2.37 Released With Sparse Index Feature Now Ready For Widespread Use

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    Originally posted by MauganRa View Post

    Renaming, moving and splitting files works perfectly well with SVN though. You absolutely must do it via SVN though, and not via the file system, else SVN will have no clue about what you just did. So user friendly
    Oh yeah, that. I've never met a single soul that moved files with a svn command. Track by content seems like a no-brainer, by comparison.


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      Originally posted by uid313 View Post
      Git has confusing things such has head, detatched head, and many other confusing things. If you get merge conflict, you're fucked.
      Git has a GUI tool called gitk which sucks, it is written in Tk and looks like it from 1980.
      Git is a power tool that exposes the fundamental complexity of disributed version control and revision states. These things are just hard, so git is hard, and you can wind up in confusing hell. But git has never ever lost a change I made.