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WirePlumber 0.4.9 Fixes Surround Sound For Some Linux Games

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  • WirePlumber 0.4.9 Fixes Surround Sound For Some Linux Games

    Phoronix: WirePlumber 0.4.9 Fixes Surround Sound For Some Linux Games

    WirePlumber is the increasingly used session/policy manager for PipeWire for audio/video streams on the Linux desktop. Out this weekend is WirePlumber 0.4.9 with some important fixes and improvements...

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    This very well could be the thing that gets me to switch to PW on my gaming PC. Surround sound was the main reason I've held off doing so.


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      I am the one that reported the issue and this is the final result!

      Also, it deals with Steam's Proton, which is based on Wine. Previously, before the release of Wireplumber 0.4.9 I replaced Pipewire-Pulse with PulseAudio that will give me 5.1 surround sound with Proton. This involved installing Pipewire-Jack and I have the following configuration that will give me 5.1 with a PulseAudio package installed.

      [email protected]
      $ cat .pulse/
      load-module module-native-protocol-unix
      load-module module-jack-sink channels=6
      load-module module-jack-source channels=1
      load-module module-null-sink
      load-module module-stream-restore
      load-module module-rescue-streams
      load-module module-always-sink
      load-module module-suspend-on-idle
      set-default-sink jack_out
      set-default-source jack_in
      Now with 0.4.9 of Wireplumber, I don't need that config file anymore, but I decided to keep it just in case I want to switch back to PulseAudio and PulseAudio-Jack in the future. Sure, Pipewire-Pulse is a drop-in replacement, but I will never know until I have a reason for switching to PulseAudio.

      schmidtbag, give Pipewire with the latest version of Wireplumber 0.4.9 a try.

      And thank you Michael for the article.
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        The issue is now closed. Every Proton/Wine game that makes use of surround sound should work now.