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KDE Activity Lower This Week As Impact From The Russia-Ukraine War

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    Originally posted by pal666 View Post
    imbecile, you found some 8 year old video of some boys on the street. russia is ruled by nazis now. right sector was promoted by russian tv the day anyone in ukraine learned about its existence, which is an indication it was russian operation from the start. they were posing in front of the camera and leaving before real fights. it's not represented in parliament or government, nobody remembers it except imbeciles brainwashed by russian propaganda
    because you are imbecile living in world of russian tv fantasy. everybody east of kyiv was able to vote since and before 2014, except unlucky people in small region occupied by russia(but that's because russia doesn't allow them to vote). majority of ukrainians speak ukrainian, minority speaks russian like me and nobody asked russia to come except few brainwashed imbeciles or bought out traitors. and btw even if someone is asking you to commit a crime, you still aren't allowed do it.
    yes, russian fascists are "saving" russian speaking people in ukraine by killing them and are accusing of nazism a state where president is a jew. you will not escape punishment for your crimes
    If your definition of imbecile is not supporting killing people because they want to learn Russian, I'll take the label. Pretty sure that's not what imbecile means, but I doubt I can convince you otherwise.

    From where I stand, thinking National Socialism has anything to do with the president being jewish, rather than what his party does and believes makes you an imbecile. Plus, if he is really Jewish, why has he cut his beard and removed his skullcap? And why did he give a Nazi salute to the houses of parliament at the end of his speech yesterday?

    Originally posted by pal666 View Post
    everybody east of kyiv was able to vote since and before 2014
    Right, and that's why a country of 44 million people has a turnout of greater than 50% by 14 million people voting (most of which didn't vote for the current government)....... Cos you can do maths you... you a special boy.

    Is that the same everybody who wanted nuclear weapons to bomb Moscow with and thought it was worth risking the country burning to announce wanting to do so?
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      Originally posted by h0tc0d3 View Post
      They are hypocrites, and except for horror stories about Putin and the KGB, they can not say anything. In the West, they have already openly started talking about Nazism in Ukraine.
      Quality media you have cited. dailymail is yellowpress. But BBC is banned by Roskomnadzor right?
      Btw you know that any country has Nazis - Russia too?
      Luckily those idiots are in the very minority.

      Interessting fact that Putin is having quite good relations with far right parties tending to Nazism. German AFD for instance - how does it come that Alice Weidel from AFD is so highly liked by pro-Putin-Russians dispite the fact that she is "sympathising" with German Nazis Groups?
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        Originally posted by h0tc0d3 View Post
        It's quite funny how people who have not been to Russia say that we have a very bad situation and low quality of life. Russia is not India or Pakistan. And we do not live in rooms 2 by 3 meters, as in Asia. Your propaganda scares you with myths about our country. They say the same thing about Pakistan, that terrorists can kidnap there, but if you visit this country, you will see that despite the fact that this country is very poor, people there are very kind and helpfull. The only difference is that they have a different culture and religion, and European people can behave in a way that is too provocative, because it is forbidden by their religion, it can cause the anger of the locals. If you respect their culture and don't provoke them, you will easily make friends with them. These people are very cheerful, and even very simple. Also, if you visit India, despite the dirt in their country, these people are very kind and positive.

        I invite you to your country. You can take journalists if you are afraid for your life. We guarantee you complete safety and a pleasant time in our country. Peace and goodness to you!
        We are all humans - the majority of people are kind and nice. Some of the nicest persons I have meet are Russians. But the problem is not them its the fact that kind people are able to support a "not so nice" person. Because they believe the person is as nice and kind as them. Dictators and Autocrats often show off a very kind charismatic mask.