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System76 Reportedly Developing Their Own Rust-Written Desktop, Not Based On GNOME

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    Originally posted by Teggs View Post

    Linus did say something like that, but he also said he is using Manjaro, not Pop. It's a bit disturbing if that happened on not one, but two distros. :/
    Do you have any source of that (because of Manjaro)?


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      Originally posted by Mario Junior View Post
      Linus (the Youtuber) went through the same experience, where when installing steam using the terminal, popos uninstalled Gnome completely. When restarting the system, there was no more graphical interface.
      I don't subscribe to Floatplane so I didn't see the video but when he was talking about it before the video came out, he mentioned not knowing what apps do what based on the name. At that point I was pretty sure he was using KDE and then he specifically mentioned Kate which confirmed that, so did he try both Gnome and KDE?


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        Originally posted by evasb View Post
        GTK needs to split from GNOME, IMHO.

        This fragmentation occur (Solus is thinking about using EFL and Solus something else) because GTK is controled by the GNOME Project. I think that except from KDE nobody should use anything else, but the fact GTK is part of the GNOME project brings more fragmentation than it would be needed.

        My suggestion? GTK should to be a project or an independent project. This way, GTK could be more inclusive and projects can have confidence to use and contribute with the toolkit.
        fdo is FAR from "independent": it's a GNOME project, which is why GNOME doesn't bother to follow the fdo "standards".
        (If you're unfamiliar with the history, GNOME started fdo as a way to pretend that there actually WAS a standard, and that GNOME was following it; rather than the reality of the process actually operating backwards, with no input from anyone but GNOME to create the "standard" in the first place, as simply a snapshot of what the state of GNOME was at the time. KDE played along though, and adopted the "standard", and actually sticks closer to it than GNOME, which deviates from it entirely at will. That's why there are now at least 4 different places where even the most basic things like foreground and background colors are specified in GTK. sigh...)

        If GTK was split from GNOME, as you suggest, and actually operated as a FOSS project, you probably wouldn't even need the "except KDE" clause you used, because there would be at least a chance of the "new" GTK providing the functionality and cross-platform support that KDE currently gets from Qt. In reality though, at this point that would probably be an unrealistic workload to ever get resolved, but stranger things have happened.


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          Originally posted by bple2137 View Post

          Of course it can! Ale they've got to do is to make some solid desktop experience

          Seuously though, KDE and GNOME both have some issues that stay there for years. Sometimes even something that seems easily fixable require some big rework. They need to deal with huge codebases and 90s designs. System76 won't have these problems as they create this thing from scratch and they can suite it well for modern standards from the ground up
          Yeah, but so can the dozens of new DEs that have popped up in recent years. Less baggage is no substitute for more dev manpower.

          Hence I wonder just how much manpower System76 can fund, and who else will jump on their ship.
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            Originally posted by BesiegedAce View Post
            I heard about the directive to hire lower level devs, but I've heard absolutely nothing about some kind of "culling" of existing devs. On top of that, Red Hat added a ton of developers (over 2000) this year alone.
            Your ignorance of basic business operations, and a decade of IBM's behavior in particular, is your problem.

            > Also lol @ the systemd conspiracy stuff.

            ah: your failure at simple reading comprehension explains the first part.
            There's no "conspiracy stuff" in there, and again, this is 101-level. The more you change the behavior of random pieces of the system, the more likely it is that a company will outsource setting it up and/or maintaing it rather than doing it in house. This is literally RH's entire business model. Do you think the FOSS fairy just gives them stacks of cash to thank them for their kernel contributions? (Which, admittedly, would be nice. :P).


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              I am still really happy with this. KDE is overall fairly buggy, and IMO their apps look like crap. but other than that, I like it a fair chunk.

              Gnome is more stable, but kills ALL of my low end systems preformance, regardless of distro. And the UI, settings. often doesn't make sense as if gnomedes don't actually use gnome..

              Why The fuck, is gnome tweaks still a thing. Gnome constantly pushes me away because of stupid shit. the fact that adjusting my mouse behavior needs two separate apps is bloody mind boggling.

              Devs clearly don't have enough people testing UX, or don't listen to them, because I honestly don't see how the majority of non-techie users can possibly use gnome for any prolonged period of time and not go insane.


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                Originally posted by Mario Junior View Post
                I think the popos developers were very upset that their system completely uninstalled gnome when installing steam from the terminal.

                Otherwise, good luck reinventing the wheel.
                They should replace APT with pacman, DNF or ZYpp then. ;p


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                  Originally posted by Anvil View Post
                  system76 ain't the first to reinvent the wheel, Ubuntu is doing just that, they want there own FWUPD Program
                  even ubuntu didn't have enough manpower and returned to gnome


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                    Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
                    I wonder why has Phoronix not written an article on the GNOME theming dilemma.
                    you mean article on the system76 crybabies. no other vendor has issues with gnome theming


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                      Originally posted by arQon View Post
                      What else does RH have going on?
                      since you are consistently wrong, you've probably got it backwards here too