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Trinity Desktop R14.0.11 Released For Continuing To Improve Upon KDE 3.5

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    That's the main problem: most (desktop) browsers these days are memory-heavy. Firefox isn't really different.
    The DE usually isn't a big issue.

    Using an aged browser is a really bad idea though, for security and compatibility reasons.


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      Originally posted by Vistaus View Post
      Also, how exatcly is Konqueror dead? It now uses QtWebEngine and it sees frequent commits.

      Edit: oh wait, you were talking about Konqueror on Trinity. Yes, it should be replaced, however, you can install any browser you want. Even Falkon, which uses Qt 5.
      I never said Konqueror was dead. I said KHTML (and by translation TDEHTML) is dead in the water and hasn't made progress in a decade and a half.

      Konqueror as a browser on Trinity is outdated to the point of obsolescence and they strongly encourage you to install a functional browser during first startup. However Konqueror on Trinity remains functional as a local file manager, and for viewing HTML4/CSS2 pages and documents, and even for browsing insecure (no SSL) FTP and POP3/IMAP storage. It's not longer able to connect to a modern SFTP server, at least, not unless you enable legacy cipher suites on the target server. But you can rip CDDA direct from CD's, lol.