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Lumina Desktop 1.6.1 Released With Theme Improvements While Bigger Improvements Planned

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    Originally posted by Vistaus View Post
    Not really. There's a modern theme now called Debonaire, created by the Q4OS devs, which is based on Breeze's look-and-feel, and a new icon set from the same devs based on Papirus. There's also nice dark theme on for the dark lovers among us.
    Many thanks for that information
    It seems the Linux most sane desktop right now..


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      Originally posted by q5sys View Post

      We use Fluxbox for the window management.

      Is there any particular reason the endorsement clause is a problem?

      I'm also the maintainer of Fedora Jam, one of these days I'll probably get around to making a Lumina Spin of Fedora.

      Not true anymore. I helped Ken start Project Trident when TrueOS killed off the desktop version. As at the time he and I were both part of the TrueOS Team, and were the two guys taking care of the desktop side of things.
      Project Trident was based on FreeBSD initially, however about a year later Ken, the Trident Lead Dev, decided to rebase on Void Linux.
      Ken is still in charge of Trident, but he's stepped back from Lumina Development.
      Ever consider joining with the LXQt team?