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LibreOffice Lands Initial Code For Qt6 Toolkit Support

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    Originally posted by MadeUpName View Post
    I hope this isn't their plan for fixing the micro font problem on Wayland when using KDE.
    Plan? PLAN??

    LibreOfficehas a plan? Now?
    When does their "plan" include compatibility with Microsoft Office? Another twelve years?

    They--it--hasn't had a plan since 2010...except to pocket your contributions and never spend one dime on development. There ARE no developers who work for TDF; for LibreOffice.
    All your contributions go---you absolute fools who send your money to them---to paying the salaries of all the highly-paid executives at The Document Foundation.
    Oh, and by the way: everyone who "works" at TDF is an executive.

    @ rmfx (#6) nailed it---

    "...Anyway, this project is such a waste.
    A decade it's been created to improve over OOo and a decade later, it's still is OOo by 99 percent, same UI, same perf, same issues, same too big code base...

    As one very objective tech writer, AND who leans heavily towards giving LO and TDF 'the benefit of the doubt' (and has, for an inexplicably long time), puts it:

    "...still waiting for a miracle."


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      Do we have "Fake News day" today, Mr. "Very Objective"?

      Maybe I should also start a nonsense blog and call myself "very objective".

      Everyone CAN read the official reports from the The Document Foundation. Everyone knows that most contributions come from big companies, that's not a secret, and TDF calls for bids from contractors with their small own budget. Which is not a bad idea, due to the different tasks they are commissioning. Apart from that, there is much other activity next to coding. Which you can (hopefully) read in the report, instead of blowing fake news to an internet forum.
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        Originally posted by Termy View Post

        Dated but usable - quite the opposite to for example ms office.
        Personally, i know which combination of "dated/"modern" " and "usable/UX-nightmare" i prefer
        Here's an experiment for you. Take any MS Office window and gradually decrease the horizontal width. You'll find each section of the ribbon gracefully re-orders itself, retaining as many useful buttons as possible as the width shrinks.

        Now do the same with LO. It's an ugly disaster. Whole chunks of ribbon just randomly disappear, and it looks an eyesore at any horizontal width less than the maximum.

        Just one example of the whole LO mess.


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          So you are whining all the time, because your display is too small? Instead of just buying a reasonable one?
          Or taking any other productive action to change that?

          Just one example of the whole LO mess.
          Well, your comment is just one example of the whole mess with tornado99 comments (hoisting with his own petard can be so easy).
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            Originally posted by alcalde View Post

            What the heck are you talking about?
            He was talking about how LO still looks like and contains much OOo stuff, NOT that OOo was more active.


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              Originally posted by Termy View Post

              Dated but usable
              Not to me. I'm a 90's kid, but I could never get used to so many menus and submenus.


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                Originally posted by Vistaus View Post

                He was talking about how LO still looks like and contains much OOo stuff, NOT that OOo was more active.
                Well of course it contains much OpenOffice stuff - it's a fork of OpenOffice. But again, the other claim is factually incorrect - they built a new interface for it. One needs to actually go under View/User Interface and select it though. This was done years ago.



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                  The funny thing here is that as a daily LibreOffice user, I can tell when someone is using OOo at first sight.
                  MSOffice compatibility in LO is the best I have seen yet, you can just compare with Pages, SoftMaker, OnlyOffice, and so on. And if you aren't happy with it, please tell Microsoft to open their format entirely. The same can be told about .odt documents in MSOffice.


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                    Originally posted by Go_Vulkan View Post

                    Maybe I should also start a nonsense blog...
                    You just have...

                    [One of these days I'll learn to quit 'casting pearls before swine'...but the swine will still be there.]


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                      I think, the sort of people who is constantly whining like this
                      Plan? PLAN??
                      LibreOffice has a plan? Now?
                      just don't have a clue how big the task "New user interface" really is - for a software that is
                      • as old as the LibreOffice codebase
                      • as huge as LibreOffice
                      • runs on multiple operating systems
                      Moreover, you cannot just have any programmer accomplish this task. Apparently, the big companies who sponsor developers for LibreOffice have other priorities.

                      Anyway, we shouldn't waste our time with that. The article came with news about Qt6-Support evolving, which is good news!
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