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GNOME 41 Released With Wayland Improvements, More Performance Tuning

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    Originally posted by bash2bash View Post
    And that gentlemen, is what makes gnome sad... you need many extensions to make it usable...

    an extension to add icons to the "desktop" that is not a desktop.... sad... just sad...
    Who needs icons on a desktop? I need gnome to launch my browser, mail program, IDE and my shell.


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      Is ArcMenu still broken on Gnome 40? Even Dash to Dock [git] never recovered from the Gnome 40 changes and has stability issues.

      Maybe we should convince the Gnome people that extensions were a mistake and to scrap the whole thing so we can watch it blow up in their face and laugh at them for poor decisions. You could convince these people that their legs are bloat and they don't need them.

      I rode the dysfunctional Gnome train for probably 5 years. The removal of Custom CSS & Themes in GTK4 was the final straw for me. If Adwaita is "The Gnome Utopia" then I don't want their oatmeal vision of "Perfection"

      IBM is back baby.


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        Originally posted by ElectricPrism View Post
        Is ArcMenu still broken on Gnome 40? Even Dash to Dock [git] never recovered from the Gnome 40 changes and has stability issues.
        How is it a failure? Most gnome users are more of the non advanced users, few devs and shit, so people like you and others without those extensions would not use it right? Only if they would integrate your favorite set of extensions as the default, which they don't.

        It might have problems but just removing extensions and then of course keep everything else the same will not make anything better...

        They don't oppose other people making forks of gnome-shell write different shells, if they need to integrate some of those features. Ohh and to my original point, the not dev users are usually very often users of LTS releases, for them mostly all works fine...

        Just those I need always the newest that is released 2 days ago people, complain, from gnome users I would assume that is a minority.


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          Originally posted by GNOME

          The ability to create encrypted .zip archives in Files (these require a password to be opened).
          I reckon if people need that tidbit of information they're not smart enough to use a can opener.

          All jokes aside, have fun with your release.


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            Originally posted by ElectricPrism View Post
            Even Dash to Dock [git] never recovered from the Gnome 40 changes and has stability issues.
            Gnome should at least include Dash to Dock with all the original options (more than Ubuntu). All popular OS'es have something like that: MacOS, Ubuntu, Windows.

            "Floating Dock" kinda works with gnome 40.4, but new windows are created underneath the dock, as if it wasn't there, which is annoying.

            Considering that the extension mechanism, and its maintenance/updating, generally doesn't work that well, gnome's minimalism goes too far.

            (It probably was the lack of a stable API due to which the Dash to Dock is not available on gnome 40 anymore. Quality extensions seem to disappear more quickly than they appear, so pointing in that direction doesn't really help.)
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              Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post
              I reckon if people need that tidbit of information they're not smart enough to use a can opener.

              All jokes aside, have fun with your release.
              The ability to create encrypted .zip archives in Files (these require a password to be opened).
              That note is in fact need.

              There is the usage case of pgp encrypted zip files that either encrypting the total zip file with pgp or encrypting all the individual files before they are added to the zip file with pgp these are a totally different beast to what gnome just added.

              The in zip it self also have do you encrypt the zip directory of files or not. You can encrypt all the files individually inside zip using zip methods and leave the zip directory of file not encrypted in the zip file of course those files will half open without a password as in list the contents but not allow you to extract each individual file without the password. Reality is there is 3 forms of a standard zip archive when using encryption.
              1) Encrypted directory and file contents
              2) encrypted directory
              3) Encrypted file contents.
              Only 1 and 2 require you to know the password to open the zip file to see the directory list. Encrypted file contents option 3 you can open the zip file without password and see the directory list.


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                Originally posted by mppix View Post

                This sounds so passive-agressive...

                What is wrong with at least one open-source DE developing an independent UI design paradigm?
                I get it, it is not for everybody but there are already enough Win95 copycats out there.
                Gnome can try new things as far as I am concerned and tbh it works. Quite well actually.
                I wasn't only referring to desktop icons, but it's perfect example of what I meant. I use GNOME on one of my machines for good reasons, but I have to compensate features like dock or tray icons (yeah, yeah, those are pointles win95/osx features) with extensions that tend to cause unnecessary problems.


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                  Originally posted by Hibbelharry View Post
                  At first I thought it's ridicolous when they removed desktop icons, but it's really not, at least for me. There is always some window covering the icons, so you constantly shift windows around to reach your stuff.
                  No you don't, and you haven't for well over a decade: even Windows has handled this competently since at least 7 via Aero Peek, and older DEs have/had a tray/taskbar icon to hide and show all windows, making it utterly trivial to get to the desktop.

                  I don't keep stuff on the desktop myself, but it's a perfectly sensible workflow to have, and this has been a solved problem for longer than I can remember. The fact that gnome chooses to not be capable of handling it is entirely on the gnome devs. That you feel you have to paint yourself as a Stockhom Syndrome poster child over it sums up the gnome experience perfectly though.


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                    Originally posted by bash2bash View Post
                    […] you need many extensions to make it usable... […]
                    No you really don't.


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                      Originally posted by bple2137 View Post

                      ...That's pretty much the point with GNOME - the devs make the desktop for themselves and claim it's perfect, just users are stupid and should learn how to properly interact with the UI.
                      All you non-critical non-THINKERS, who are a good part of---one of THE reasons---why there will never be a "Year-Of-Linux-On-The-Desktop" need to read these---unless, of course, making yourselves more intelligent is a non-option, as seems to be indicated by the majority of the comments here:

                      "GNOME to prevent theming, wider community not happy"
                      Thom Holwerda 2021-09-16 Gnome 47 Comments

                      "...Well, thanks to Joshua Strobl, experience lead of Solus and one of the main developers of Budgie, I now have a great in-depth story to link to. I urge you to read the whole article, but here’s Strobl’s conclusions:

                      1. GTK4 has not met our expectations since its release in December of 2020, nor have we been satisfied with its state as of the writing of this post.
                      2. Current plans by GNOME for changes to how theming works is viewed as regressive for desktop Linux, developers, and user choice.
                      3. We do not believe that GNOME is treating its community, from individual users to entire operating systems, in a manner that is equitable and respectful of their choice on how they want to curate their own experience.
                      4. Budgie 11 will not be written in GTK4.
                      5. For Budgie Edition: we will be working on replacing software developed by GNOME with that of alternative software developers as well as “in-house” solutions. These will not necessarily be under the GetSolus organization nor will they be associated with Budgie. Adopting Budgie going forward (at least until 11, when we have our own control center) does not and will not require using our own apps. This has even remained true even for Budgie Desktop View, we support alternatives like Desktop Folder as alternative “desktop” implementations in Budgie.
                      6. GNOME Edition will be demoted to a non-curated edition and moved to a lesser position on our Downloads page in a future release of Solus.

                      "...This is a shitty situation, and the GNOME developers are causing a lot of bad blood and rifts here that really could have been avoided. Theming and customisation are a core aspect of the Linux desktop, and breaking it like this is going to make a lot of non-GNOME developers as well as users very, very unhappy."
                      And here’s the detailed story--

                      "Building an Alternative Ecosystem"
                      solus tech
                      September 14, 2021
                      Joshua Strobl


                      "...To make matters worse, when some improvements were proposed by an engineer at System76 to libadwaita’s Recoloring API, which is their alternative to theming that is specific to recoloring various elements of GNOME apps and is app-specific (not system wide), these improvements were rejected on the basis that some of the GNOME developers disliked the opinions expressed by the engineer on social media...

                      "...the opinions, words, or actions of some of these [Gnome] developers may not reflect the entire[ty] of GNOME, the regularity of this behavior from GNOME contributors clearly speaks to a cultural problem inside of GNOME. They aren’t just being anti-user at this point (actively making it more difficult to curate their own Linux experience), but anti-developer as well. Rather than listening to the concerns of entire operating systems and many of their own users on the negative impact of GNOME’s decisions, they have doubled down..."

                      To all you Gnome apologists, there are two appropriate answers to your complete and total lack of any critical-thinking skills:

                      "We are all born ignorant, but to remain stupid requires hard work."---Benjamin Franklin

                      "I would like to agree with you, but doing so would affront your intelligence."---William F. Buckley, Jr.