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KDE Plasma 5.23 Will Be Another Exciting Release With Many Improvements Abound

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    Originally posted by reba View Post

    Does the Wayland-session not have this?
    No, it doesn’t. And it’s quite unfortunate because it’s clear that KWin kind of expects a “primary” monitor but there’s no way to set one in the Wayland session.


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      Originally posted by blacknova View Post
      Running KDE with 3 displays (2x24" 1440p+32" 4k) was a pain. KWin didn't respect layout set in KDE settings and in X11 at all. I haven't tried if things become better with Wayland though.
      GNOME is better with such setup even if it places windows outside of view port, funny enough all wrongly placed windows are pure GNOME's apps
      I have a 4k 21" monitor plus a 21" full HD ultrawide, you will need to play a bit with xorg.conf and sddm config files but after done it gets to be respected pretty well. What surprises me is that the final result gets to be much better than what Windows can do with setups involving fractional differences.