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    I found com.rafaelmardojai.Blanket through this post, and the combination of rain+thunder+train sounds was very comfy. Thanks Mr. Mardojai.


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      Originally posted by Mez' View Post
      When I use a new distro or reinstall, and come across a PDF, I'm wondering what the heck is that horrible PDF viewer. Then I remember it's Evince and uninstall the hell out of it. Nowadays it doesn't even have + - buttons for zooming (you need one more click to get into the zoom percentage menu), you can only rotate clockwise (6 hits necessary for a counterclockwise 90% rotation, as the submenu annoyingly disappear every time you rotate 90% clockwise... instead of two for most other viewers), etc...
      They manage to make it worse every time. It's become an utter joke.

      Some years ago I used to install Acrobat Reader (before it ditched Linux support).
      And these days I'm using either Foxit Reader (the best of the bunch but no scaling support), qpfdview (doesn't look pretty but is functional at least) or ePDFview (last release was 10 years ago and yet it's more functional than evince!).

      Even Firefox or Edge integrated viewer do a better job.
      Take the file from poppler issue 1126 . It's a file that doesn't look super complicated, a map of some caves. With Poppler 21.08 it took 46 ...


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        Originally posted by kpedersen View Post
        GNU tends to favour big tangled systems and unfortunately, in my experience that almost kills lifespan just as badly as closed-source software. Just try to build any considerable program from Gnome 2 and you will see it is fairly impossible without a good few months of manpower to re-engineer. In that time you could basically rewrite it instead.
        Oh god yes. Just thinking about some of the projects I've worked on with that problem is giving me an impending sense of PTSD...