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Maui 2 Released For Open-Source UI Framework

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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post
    Microsoft also have a UI framework called MAUI.
    Microsoft likes stealing acronyms/names.

    MAUI, XInput, KMS, GVFS
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      Vistaus the thing they are talking about here is: do the KDE developers have enough money for the lawsuit?
      If you have a big and good enough legal team, you can drag a lawsuit out for quite a long time. If the KDE developers run out of money before the lawsuit finishes, MS has practically (although not theoretically) won.


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        Originally posted by Vistaus View Post
        Again: the judge has to follow the law. If they think something is against the law, they will rule in favor of whoever is right. Doesn't matter if the other party has more or better lawyers. At least in most countries.
        I can't speak to the laws in "most countries". I do know that, in the USA, this would be a civil case, rather than a criminal one. In a civil case, there would probably be a burden for the plaintiff to show they had sufficient ownership of the name, and had suffered significant monetary damages by Microsoft's actions. The latter part could be important for recouping the court costs of bringing the case.

        Basically, unless you have a lot at stake, no one really wants to go to court. It's a long, drawn-out, and expensive proposition. That's a major reason there are so many out-of-court settlements.

        BTW, I once heard a lawyer telling his buddy about a guy threatening him with a lawsuit against his client. The lawyer said: "is that supposed to be a threat? Do you know how I get paid?" Of course, the lawyer is obligated to look out for the legal interests of his client, but I think he was just pointing out the irony of the situation.

        Anyway, the point of that anecdote is that when lawsuits start flying, often times the only ones who really win are the lawyers. And for corporate lawyers, if they had nothing to do, it'd be hard to justify keeping them on the payroll. That's yet another reason not to get lawyers involved. They operate on a different timescale and don't really have much incentive to hurry the process along. I had some firsthand experience with this, as I once got roped into a patent-infringement lawsuit one of my employers filed that seemed on fairly shaky ground.
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          Originally posted by tildearrow View Post

          Microsoft likes stealing acronyms/names.

          MAUI, XInput, GVFS
          So too does the open source community. IIRC, the Linux Direct Rendering Manager acronym was specifically choosen to collide with the un-trademarked "Digital Rights Management" acronym being deployed at the time, in an effort to derail that namespace.