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PipeWire 0.3.32 Released With Numerous Fixes

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    Originally posted by andre30correia View Post

    ubuntu is a stable distro
    Bad excuse. Deepin is a stable distro as well, based on Debian 10 ffs, but they ship PipeWire.


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      Originally posted by tomas View Post

      In what way is it "the same crowd" apart from being part of the Fedora project?
      Do you know who is the main developer behind Pipewire? It is Wim Taymans:

      The co-creator of Gstreamer.
      No offense to the guy, but 'Wim Taymans' honestly sounds like a pseudonym for 'Tim Waymans'. I can't be the only one thinking this, right?


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        Yes, I know. 😊.
        But his name really is Wim Taymans.
        Perhaps he changed his name some point in time, but in that case it must have been a long time ago. Googling for "Tim Waymans" will not give you anything relevant.


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          Originally posted by V1tol View Post

          CoreAudio on macOS is great in terms of latency even without exclusive mode. Even on Hackintosh. So that is definitely possible
          JACK is as well. 2+ pro apps at once and no problem.


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            Originally posted by patrakov View Post

            This is a pre-requisite for SPDIF or HDMI passthrough of compressed audio.
            I forgot to mention this.


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              Can anyone with the latest version of Wine test 5.1 surround sound with pipewire-pulse? I can get 5.1 surround sound with native games such as Portal 2 and DeadCore, but not with either Proton or Wine. I have discussed an issue here:

              Pipewire-Pulse is not a direct replacement for PulseAudio.


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                Does it solve the Teams issue yet?

                Not that I will ever use it any time soon because Debian.


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                  I wonder if this fixes the problems I've experienced with Firefox on Fedora 35.

                  Audio starts playing fine on Youtube, but then after a while if I play the same video the audio desynchronizes.

                  I never experienced that under PulseAudio.


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                    I tried pipewire, but never got to put it through its paces as it refused to see my USB DAC no matter what I tried. I’ve disabled most other audio sources so this means no audio at all for me.


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                      Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
                      Does it solve the Teams issue.
                      As mentioned in the article it has added a quircks db for bad clients.
                      Right now it contains fixes for Teams and Firefox.