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GStreamer Making Progress On Vulkan Video Support

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    Originally posted by coder View Post
    I don't even agree with the part about C++. I've used it for 20 years, so I'm a bit biased. But I also know it quite well, and precisely the kind of stuff I've used it for is audio, video, networking, and security, in environments with high reliability requirements.

    As I previously said, many of the advantages you gave for Rust are things which C++ can do through the appropriate classes & methods + compiler warnings & static analysis.

    All else being equal, is Rust or C++ code probably more secure? Sure, I'd go with Rust on that. But the main reason I'd consider Rust for new projects is just the eye-watering complexity of C++. And with Rust in vogue, it's probably easier to find people who either know it or want to learn it.
    Yeah, and compare a programmer with 1 year of Rust experience vs 1 year of C++ experience. Who is likely going to write a program that is more secure?

    You might be able to write secure code in Rust, but you got 20 years of experience.


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      Originally posted by bple2137 View Post
      To this day accelerated encoding (eg. for recording/straming with OBS) on AMD graphics is a mess. Am I getting it correct that this is an opportunity to get make the situation better?
      Going by history AMD is going to wait until every implementation somehow only supports NVIDIA and doesn't work on their cards then try to catch up while Intel invents their own stack.