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KDE Plasma 5.22 Released With Much Better Wayland Support, Usability Enhancements

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    Originally posted by ssokolow View Post

    That's what the Flatpak and Pipewire side of things is dealing with... unless you mean that they're slacking on implementing GUI prompts in xdg-desktop-portal-kde.

    The actual implementation is achieved by using Linux's cgroups system to put the application in a sandbox where it can't see the device nodes for what it's not allowed to access, and where it's in a separate network namespace not bridged to the others if it's denied network access.

    Unfortunately, location on a desktop PC can't be gated that way because it's implemented as "Google pins down the physical location of your LAN's public IP by having any Android phones connected to your WiFi phone home to match up the IP they're connecting from with what their GPS and other location mechanisms see." If, like me, you live in the countryside, seeing that degree of accuracy out of Google's search page footer is creepy as hell and you need a VPN to beat it.

    (Speaking of which, I still need to figure out where the correct bug tracker is to file a feature report for a Flatpak permission that grants network access to routable networks only (i.e. no 192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x, etc.), so a compromise in a Flatpak'd application that has no need for LAN access can't be used as a relay to attack things behind the edge firewall like unpatched/out-of-support network printers and IoT lightbulbs and the like.)
    I want at least a pop-up window to ask me when some program tries to access my webcam, mike, location.
    And then have a list with all of them, like a table with the program name and which devices it I have given / denied it to access.
    Something similar to how it is on Android.
    I don't know what Flatpak is trying to solve because I have not seen any pop-up to ask for my permission for anything.
    Even after I have installed Flatseal.

    For location, I want to stop programs from getting the list of Wifi networks around me and send it online to get my precise location.
    This is a huge risk for me and my family privacy and security.

    I know that Google can still get my location from other phones, but at least my phone is using LineageOS with no Google apps and I'm trying to solve one problem at a time.

    Firefox is probably the only nice program that asks you by itself when some website want you access your webcam / mike / location, but why should we rely on a program to implement this kind of permissions ?

    Many of them don't, even if they are open source.
    With closed source ones it's probably even worse.

    I had to put tape on my webcam and mike because KDE Plasma does absolutely nothing to protect me against programs that want to grab video or audio from my home.
    Hopefully things will improve in the future.


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      Originally posted by ms178 View Post
      but as manjaro-architect is no longer actively maintained,
      If i'm not mistaken, that's only true for the ISO, not for the installer?


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        Originally posted by kvuj View Post
        Could anyone comment on any problem they encountered with Wayland? I'm currently looking at the KDE page for wayland showstoppers, but there doesn't seem to be any deal breaker for me so I'm curious about your experiences.
        The main problem I encounter on the wayland session is plasmashell crashing after turning off my screen (DisplayPort, AMD GPU) - it doesn't happen on X11. There seems to be a bug report about it already:
        Note that I haven't tested it on 5.22 yet, only on 5.21.

        Other than that, it works rather well, and I'm looking forward to the direct scanout and VRR features of kwin 5.22.
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          Originally posted by andrea76 View Post
          I'll definitely refuse to update my actual Fedora 33 to 34, I don't want to use GNOME any more.

          My next distribution will KDE Neon, which I am already using at home with success.
          Yes, i'm using it too but........
          have your tried openSUSE Argon??? ( )

          I'm using it at home and it's working like a charm! it's basically the same as Neon but based on openSUSE
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            KDE is nightmare to use!


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              Originally posted by uid313 View Post
              KDE is nightmare to use!

              Simple by default, powerful when needed!

              It's a bit weird yes... but i really can't think of any other way to let user have all those options at hand. It surely is way better than not having the options!!!
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                Originally posted by Mavman View Post


                Simple by default, powerful when needed!

                It's a bit weird yes... but i really can't think of any other way to let user have all those options at hand. It surely is way better than not having the options!!!
                All the options I never wanted, and all the options I never knew that I never wanted.


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                  Originally posted by uid313 View Post

                  All the options I never wanted, and all the options I never knew that I never wanted.
                  I like your play of words!!! LOLOL

                  i believe Gnome is more suited to you then. They focus more in "less is more" and remove most less used features. Plasma is more targeted to power users and users that like to have "that specific feature that probably no one else in the world needs beside you"... - my kind of desktop LOLOL


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                    I tried the early build from testing on Arch and... It's kinda disappointed. I thought they'll fix more issues as they advertised. Perhaps it won't crash as much as it did on previous releases, but time will show... My quick summary (keep in mind that I'm talking Wayland session here. I consider X11 Plasma pretty solid):

                    What's improved:
                    • Some UI elements are prettier, there was definitely some polish to the default theming
                    • Animations feel a little smoother (but I'm not sure if it improved that much, hard to tell)
                    • Previously when clicking on grouped app icon on task manager, but none of the groups' windows was focused, it simply did nothing instead of cycling between them. Looks like it's fixed.
                    What's as annoying as before and is not fixed:
                    • There are some minor glitches when using fractional scaling and QT5 apps (blue lines between menu elements, some lines randomly appear when typing in Konsola).
                    • When scaling desktop, QT5 apps don't re-render correctly when moving around to different screens. For now, window that was scaled in higher res being moved to lower res looks disgusting (it's worth mention that I didn't notice that with GTK apps or Firefox or whatever, though when moved around the Firefox window visibly refreshes its content when needed)
                    • Cursor is broken when using fractional scaling (either badly sized and/or distorted, depends on what's bellow).
                    • Tooltips in shell drives me crazy when trying to use context menus and they overlap.
                    • Telegram is slow to scroll... Weird, it's not slow on other compositors (at least for me) and Telegram devs claim it's not their fault
                    • XWayland... yeah, XWayland. It's not your fault, KDE, but HiDPI handling should be worked around somehow until/unless it's getting anywhere upstream
                    • Pinch-to-zoom does not work on anymore on any app that can utilize it! (I'm not sure if that's not broken by some other update from the testing repo)
                    • When using scaling, on startup the panel is rendered in low res, but when I restart the shell by calling `kquitapp5 plasmashell && kstart5 plasmashell` it looks crisp again. It did happen before, but with recent bugfixes on 5.21 it works fine.


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                      Originally posted by uid313 View Post
                      KDE is nightmare to use!

                      When you install lots of additional services and displays an "all in one" 'other' menu for the sole purpose of falsely demonstrating something that goes right with your personal hatred of KDE... Sure.

                      For normal users with default KDE configurations in most distros? Barring the non-display by default of menubar (which is honestly one of the worst things one could do in terms of UX, LOTS of users I show KDE are lost because of that and everhappy once I reactivate it), Dolphin and other applications are intuitive enough to use.