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Qt 6.2 Enters Feature Freeze With More Qt5 Modules Ported To Qt6

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    Originally posted by DanL View Post
    We do care about Qt6 porting. That should be what this thread is about
    And as far as Qt 6 porting is concerned, with Qt 6.2 targeted to include the additional modules such as WebEngine, WebSockets, and Multimedia, large and complex projects will be able start their porting efforts for real rather than just initial prep work (yes, some projects do not use those additional modules, but a lot use one or more). That should not imply it will be a trivial port for larger projects, of course and just as there are projects still using Qt 4, there are likely to be projects using Qt 5 for quite a number of years, but I look forward to Qt 6.2.


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      Such Gtk, very on topic, good troll boy.
      Gosh, how I envy your free time


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        Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post

        Every distribution uses FOSS Qt 5.15; potentially with KDE patches. Qt LTS 5.15 is a different thing and is what you get with a commercial license.

        AFAICT, Deepin is using 5.15.1 which is a FOSS Qt 5.15 release. There's also 5.15.2. Qt LTS Commercial starts at 5.15.3.

        See here and here.
        My Deepin 20 says that it uses 5.15.2 rather than 5.15.1. But I didn't know the commercial license only started at 5.15.3. Thanks!