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GNOME's Need To Broaden Its Audience For Greater Impact & Funding

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  • GNOME's Need To Broaden Its Audience For Greater Impact & Funding

    Phoronix: GNOME's Need To Broaden Its Audience For Greater Impact & Funding

    Robert McQueen, the President of the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors, wrote a post this week ultimately about the GNOME project's need to broaden its focus in order to attract more new users and ultimately to be able to raise funds from new organizations outside of their traditional reach. If they aren't able to find new funding sources, they may need to scale back in some of their efforts but still have a sufficient safety net...

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      The problem with GNOME is not it’s attempts to invite more people into FOSS, it’s that any new people brought into FOSS are going to find the same thing everyone else finds: GNOME is a UX nightmare.


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        *Insert "Let's off to the comment section to see what experts think" meme*


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          Problem on GNOME is the desktop layout. The two bars are completely useless, above all the top bar which causes space limitation for nothing. How can gnome developers don't understand this? the classical layout based on taskbar is more productive on desktop. First of all, every program generally has a top bar on their own, so their top bar is added to the system top bar which forces the user to increase the control on where the cursor of the mouse has been localized. Secondly, the main bar in gnome has a useless space which could be used for program icons instead of using another side bar. Investors deals with numbers, and users must be encouraged by a reliable UI.
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            lol posts already getting deleted and the sad troll running amok
            great job Michael


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              It's been a long time since I saw them using the term Free Software instead of Open Source. This says enough about the "ideals of GNOME" and how much I think they deserve funding.

              Please donate to the FSF instead of people fighting against Free Software.
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                GNOME won't broaden its audience, unless they remake their horrible android/mac user interface.

                Sure, GNOME is being used by all major linux distros, but... they rely on tweaks, plugins, hacks and patches, to get the interface usable

                Fedora had to create Spins, to offer Fedora with Cinnamon, XFCE and others, because their user base diminished significantly with GNOME.


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                  How much money does the Foundation spend every year and who gets it?


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                    Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
                    bash2bash That makes no sense. Very few people use the alternative Fedora spins.
                    he didn't say they do ahaha.
                    you've got problems with reading boi toi