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Firefox 89 Released With UI/UX Changes

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    Originally posted by kpedersen View Post

    So it is generally agreed upon that software that looks like this is modern?

    Just sounds like someone's (slightly tacky) theme to me. There is no such thing as "modern" looking software. Go 200 years into the future and software will probably look the same. Probably closer to the simplicity of Windows 3.1 even
    As long as non-computer people are "in charge" GUI's will never be consistent. In the old days GUI's followed the system theme more or less. If you picked anti-aliased fonts you got them all over, if you picked blue foreground you got it all over. The only missing bit was to do it per. application. Now every single application implement their own "theme engine", the own "dark mode" and all kinds of nonsense. Dark mode should have been a system theme , not require a per. application support.

    When technically minded people was in charge, little computer people if you will (!) things was much better. We *had* consistent GUI's that tried to follow a certain standard. Sadly the fat-greybeard-and-nerdy-skinny-kid-with-big-teeth-and-glasses-community was overthrown by the feminine-half-gay-party-kiddo-that-styles-his-hair-for-two-hours-covers-his-pimples-and-even-got-a-girlfriend-comminuty. These days it is all about reinventing the wheel for no good reason what so ever...


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      I'm not a big fan of the change -- AT ALL. I know I probably don't have room to complain since I'm not on the FF dev team, but this really is an unfortunate update.

      As mentioned earlier, I downloaded then tweaked it to look like this (basically shifted the tab button down under the toolbar so it doesn't look like its floating. May not look right on all people computers...

      /* Firefox Ultra Compact Mode
      * Copyright (c) Danny Colin
      * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
      * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
      * file, You can obtain one at
      :root {
      --proton-tab-block-margin: -3px !important;
      /* Appmenu item padding */
      --arrowpanel-menuitem-padding-block: 4px 8px !important;
      /* Tab */
      .tabbrowser-tab {
      min-height: 0 !important;
      .tab-close-button {
      width: 16px !important;
      height: 16px !important;
      padding: 3px !important;
      /* Toolbar */
      #urlbar:not([open="true"]) {
      height: 24px !important;
      min-height: 0 !important;
      #urlbar-container {
      --urlbar-container-height: 30px !important;
      margin-top: -1px !important;
      #urlbar-input {
      margin-top: 1px !important;


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        I think it looks great, here's how it looks on my HTPC running Sway:

        Nobody cares about the few loudmouth Phoronix users who thinks they are UI experts. Some people just like to complain and are unable to comprehend that their subjective opinion is not shared by everyone else.


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          Originally posted by arokh View Post
          That looks more like Thailand than Ibiza!


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            Garbage UI from Firefox yet again ...... God forbid something look good on a desktop and not waste space ..... designers must work on GTK.


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              They can redesign the UI as much as they want. In the end it still rendered with JS and CSS, melting your CPUs.


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                A comment thread below Firefox is so predictable. Luckily for you, there is plenty choice.
                Maybe you all should jump ship to, I think this one is a winner among the crowd here.
                Just look at it:

                But serious, this is a heck of an operating system as you consider the manpower behind it. Good design, micro-kernel, sandboxes everywhere. Top!


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                  Ah yes, the bashing of the new design is commencing...

                  I wasn't too fond of it either when i got the update. But after using if to a few hours, i must say that it's not as bad as i thought. Unnecessary? Yes! A catastrophe? Not really!

                  We all know change is hard, especially if thrown upon us. But maybe - just maybe - adapting to a few moved pixels that have virtually NO impact on any workflow and are purely visual should be something within the capabilities of the average human?
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                    Why not leaving the good "old" traditional design as an option? This "modern" trend simply sucks!
                    Does anyone know how to prevent firefox to auto-update on ubuntu?
                    Thank you


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                      I see those behind the FF89 redesign also had their car resprayed recently.....

                      PS the spacing on bookmarks is absurd and you can drive a bus between those lines, stop wasting screen space.......

                      can be turned off (for now) by changing browser.proton.contextmenus.enabled to disabled.
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