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KDE Still Isn't For Client-Side Decorations But Has Been Selectively Using Some D.W.D.

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    I always thought it was a clever way to implement "do whatever the user expects" for both Windows (Click to open, click to select) and macOS (Press to open, release to select) menu behaviour.

    ...and I'm currently pissed off at the version of KWin in Kubuntu 20.04 LTS for breaking the Mac-style press-drag-release form in titlebar context menus.

    If that goes away in more places, rather than getting fixed in KWin, I'm going to have to start learning to patch C and/or C++... and you wouldn't like the C++ I write.

    Yes, I'm a Windows user who KDE lured into Mac-style menu use because press-move-release is simpler and easier to coordinate than press-release-move-press-release.

    (I say C and and/or C++ because I still use applications like Geeqie on my KDE desktop where the KDE equivalents feel heavier, slower, and with more cluttered UIs... though that may not last much longer. I've wanted to implement a tag-and-sha256sum-based image manager and, in my spare time, I've been slowly working to reimplement the aspects of Geeqie that I use in PyQt so I have something I can easily use as a reusable component in my tooling.)
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      Originally posted by ssokolow View Post
      Deliver a shoddy experience to the user by implementing the bits you feel are important and ignoring the rest. (As they say when talking about attempts to oust Microsoft Word, "Yes, 80% of the people only use 20% of the features, but nobody uses the same 20%".).

      When it comes to Libeoffice vs MS Office that 80% of the people only use 20% of the features is true. But there is a double sided problem here. Like Libreoffice supports master documents properly and MS Office does not in a usable way. Yes use a Master document with MS Office is way to make your document screw up badly so you lose all your work and at worst everything in your documents directory as well.

      We have the horrible problem here users best served by Libreoffice are users who will be badly served by MS Office and the reverse as well.

      Microsoft Word also only implement features that Microsoft developers feel as important and ignore the rest as well. Yes same with MS Office dropping legacy document import and many other things.

      Originally posted by ssokolow View Post
      Same reason we moved things like sound card drivers from being bundled with DOS games to built into Windows.
      Lot of the wayland changes is moving user space hardware driver interfaces to be in the kernel layer KMS/DRI. Things are being a bit rough but that is just part of the process as you start doing away with lot of user mode hacks around hardware issues and forcing them into kernel drivers so they are generic.

      Sound card drivers in DOS you could say are user mode code as well and when sound card driver were built into Windows they are kernel mode as well.

      Some of this is working on where the correct lines should be.

      Lot of people miss that until recently with Nvidia closed source drivers you could not log two users in at once with X11 and both with opengl graphical acceleration. GPU resource allocation being in user space in the X11 server is not practical for a multi user use case.