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    Originally posted by jo-erlend View Post
    Hey, man. Curses or CLI. TUI is Tactile User-Interface.
    The answer is sorry no you not right.
    TUI = 3-4 things in computing.
    1 Tangible user interface. This is not Tactile or Touch this starts as a early theory interface back in the days the first X11 protocol is being made where you modify something in the world and the computer responds to it. Think early light pen. Yes this is before touch interfaces of any form.
    2 Text-based user interface that has a second valid name "Terminal User Interfaces" Yes again this is before any touch based interface/support fo the blind.
    3 Touch user interface
    4 Tactile User Interface there is a arguement if this is own thing or should be Tactile Touch User interface.

    CLI=command-line interface when you are using something like nano or edit under dos the program its not a command line interface any more but its still Text based interface but you have menus and means to use arrow keys.... Please note Text-based user interface and Terminal User Interface is surprise to most people don't cover command line because where are you menus....

    Please do note Text-based user interface

    "TUI/command-line programs"

    Now when I read I think the person was going for "Console User Interface." Console User Interface covers Text-based user interface applications and Command Line.

    Rule one with something like TUI never use it without at least writing the long form at least once to give a context.

    Yes there was a possible correction to Uncle H. but it was not what you were suggesting. Console User Interface or a recommendation to use the long form of TUI due to the multi meanings TUI has at least once and since his response only used it once using the long form should have been the case.

    To you if you mean Tactile User Interface don't just write TUI without setting the context either same problem there are 4 possible correct answers to TUI like it or not.


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      Originally posted by ferry View Post

      Of course it does, it's a single application (running as a single process) with multiple windows. And it's not very multi-threaded.
      It does not follow that if multiple programs run from the same executable, then they are the same process.


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        Originally posted by jo-erlend View Post
        It does not follow that if multiple programs run from the same executable, then they are the same process.
        It does not have to follow but its the way libreoffice is and has been for ages. You open multi libreoffice windows under Linux or windows and you normally only have one soffice binary running. Yes the binary of libreoffice is still soffice.


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          Originally posted by Uncle H.
          Curses is one of the worst APIs ever produced and doesn't deserve the honour of being used so generically.
          There is worse dealing with the raw API of random terminals back in the day. You can look at the early code of vi for the pre curses world the code to move the curses around the screen in the first curses library was directly lifted from vi.

          Yes you can decide to drop back to the past and go and use raw termios without the help of terminfo termcap that takes you back close to the start of Unix terminal interface. Then early VI is terminfo termcap and termios. Then finally Curses appears on top in the Unix world. Yes you can do text based interfaces under Linux/Unix and never touch anything curses.

          Curses wrapper that attempts to improve on historic Unix nightmare terminal interface libraries that we still use today under ncurses on most Unix like platforms.

          Uncle H I know is horrible to think that Curses is improvement. Raw terminfo, termpcap and termios end up with you have to write a lot of different quirk code so your program works over ssh, serial.....

          In curses we still do have two competing versions being pdcurses and ncurses.

          I am not saying curses is the best idea for a API but compared to the raw unix terminal interface libraries before it the thing was huge improvement. But its old saying that "You cannot make a silk purse out of a pigs ear" really applies here curses is built on a foundation of horrible APIs there is only so much improvement you can do .


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            Originally posted by Uncle H.
            Trying to play catch-up with someone else's undocumented, poorly implemented, moving target of a file format
            The pre-XML file formats are not moving targets. The are standing still since Office 2003.