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Apache OpenOffice Vulnerable To One-Click Code Execution

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    Originally posted by alcalde View Post
    There's a topic trending on Twitter now because some snooty Harvard PhD candidate is complaining about Gen Z not using Microsoft Office and how when he requires a paper in .doc format all his students say they're using Google Docs and people are rightly laughing at him, including his objection to the cost issue being "Harvard gives you Office for free". But what's really scary is all the (certainly Windows) users replying on Twitter saying how they're happy OPEN Office users and encouraging others to use OPEN Office. I'm replying to as many as I can with links to articles about OpenOffice security vulnerabilities and encouraging them to switch to LibreOffice, but there are so many of them....

    We don't realize how many Windows users know absolutely NOTHING about open source or anything that happens in the open source world. I don't think I've met a Windows user yet who knows about OpenOffice forking into LibreOffice and of course only some who have ever heard of OpenOffice. When I showed one a laptop that had Linux installed on it she said "I didn't know you could run anything else [other than Windows] on a computer!".

    Maybe the community needs to file 500 sexual harassment lawsuits against Richard Stallman and then use the proceeds to fund an advertising campaign targeting Windows users. Those who aren't hardcore developers know as much about their computers as I know about dishwashers.
    I have a foot in both worlds, free software & proprietary software, and frankly LibreOffice is awful. No really, it's awful for doing much more than just typing out an abstract or letter. Yes I used it for years till I actually tried using Word and writing anything bigger than a letter. Like Harvard students, I get Office 365 for free from my college. The G-docs students should be educated enough to know they can export *.doc from G-docs without any real trouble, and those that already know, complaining about a couple of extra clicks is just plain lazy. Once you get past the first year students, that problem solves itself. Older students know what's expected and they get it done regardless of what they really use.

    To me, the problems with LibreOffice goes way beyond just a few extra clicks here and there. It's just an all around pain in the... rump to use compared to Word. It's the crowning jewel of free software consistently missing the final 10% of design and implementation.

    The only reason OpenOffice for Windows users are still around is because most of them don't realize that most schools have a free (included in tuition) sub to Office 365 to all students these days. That's because the schools generally use far more than just Word for homework. Internal school email uses Outlook & Exchange (cloud Exchange, rarely on-prem these days). Some schools are using Teams for collaboration and meetings. The standard for spreadsheets is Excel. The free as in beer thing was what got OpenOffice for Windows its very small fan base back in the day, not that it was open source. There's always going to be a lot of broke students looking for handouts when they can get them. I was there at one time, too.

    On the lawsuits thing... not going to work. Stallman files bankruptcy and the plaintiffs are left holding the bag on legal fees. The only thing Bankruptcy won't touch are criminal fines, taxes, student and other gov. backed loans.