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Arcan Presents "Pipeworld" Dataflow Computing Interface

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  • Arcan Presents "Pipeworld" Dataflow Computing Interface

    Phoronix: Arcan Presents "Pipeworld" Dataflow Computing Interface

    Arcan, the long running open-source display server built atop a game engine that has embraced technologies like XR/VR and Wayland and claims feature parity with X.Org this week announced their new Pipeworld project...

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    I can see some appeal here - but it looks like it could be a pain to use...


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      Nice video. Where is the main menu?


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          It's interesting, but the UX on the demo video is so wanting that it leaves me feeling that I could get a lot more relevance and do it in a week in a non-Arcan-specific fashion by writing an AutoHotKey or AppleScript competitor by gluing together a Lua or Python runtime, a D-Bus client, and an accessibility-based testing engine like LDTP for the non-DBus manipulation of application windows.

          Heck, if my productivity hadn't been on a downward spiral that I'm only now trying to claw my way out of, I'd have written something like that back in 2013. I still have the abandoned beginnings of the project repo.

          1. The observed behaviour of the zoomable tiling interface looks like the slow inefficiency of a floating WM combined with the "must read the manual to understand how to use it" elements of a tiling WM. The whole point of a tiling WM is to minimize the amount of fiddling with manually adjusting window positions and dimensions.
          2. The data flow computing is cool in theory, but, especially as independent Excel-style boxes with such low-level primitives, it feels like a tech demo in search of a use-case. (If you want data flow programming in this context, take inspiration from Jupyter, not Excel.)
          3. They need to read Don't make me code in your text box. In this day and age, either launch a Lua script and a live-reloading monitor in the user's favourite syntax-highlighting editor, double-down on a mouse-centric visual programming paradigm like GameMaker Studio or Unreal Engine Blueprints, or, if accessibility and simplicity for novice users is the primary goal at the expense of efficiency for one-off hacks, use Blockly or a clone thereof.


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            Thank the gods the video included a mute button.


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              Spreadsheet, not excel, ffs.


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                This looks really cool. interesting to see what comes of it