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KDE Starts April By Landing KHamburgerMenu

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    JackLilhammers Copying is fine. Plagiarizing is fine. Changing direction is fine. It’s a big part of open source.

    I just find this one particular funny.


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      Originally posted by JackLilhammers View Post

      [...] has been essential, especially for free software.
      Jack: You, Nate and other people exposed things as they were. You can see when someone's life is very sad... coming to an internet forum just to get the attention that they don't get at home. But your time is valuable, Jack πŸ‘Œ


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        Originally posted by Delgarde View Post

        I very much doubt that. Once everyone got pushed into working from home due to Covid, most of my colleagues β€” IT professionals, not just non-technicals β€” had to go out and buy external monitors for home, or borrow them from the office. I'd guess that very few laptop owners own an external screen... it kind of defeats the purpose of having a laptop for most of them, requiring some kind of permanent desk space to keep it, when most of them want to just sit on the couch.
        I refer you to my other post earlier....

        Originally posted by Slartifartblast View Post

        My Mrs for one, takes work laptop out and about then hooks up for dual screen at the home & work office, she bosses IT engineers around for a living


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          Originally posted by JackLilhammers View Post
          Actually it's always been on the right side of the toolbar and we didn't get it from Google.
          It was invented 40 years ago at Xerox for the Xerox Star desktop.
          It's funny how people think all we see in user interfaces right now wasn't invented 40 years ago. Those who hate GNOME today would gladly enjoy the Workplace Shell.


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            Originally posted by Nth_man View Post
            > The only way to get it working again is by setting something in the app's rc

            Have you tried pressing Ctrl+M?
            Completele unintuitive. I had to come to the internet (many moons ago) for this answer. I'm no fan of the hamburger menu but as long as they let me keep my normal menus, I'm cool. One of the first things I have to do after a new install is select "show menu bar" in Dolphin and Firefox.

            What I'd like to see is a stop to the ridiculousness of when I click on a menu item and the menu itself appears 2 inches down instead of immediately below the menu selection, as expected.


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              Originally posted by verude View Post

              I'm talking about gnome's in particular, I'd say that most programs don't have a toolbar and the headerbar is no tinier than the titlebar + menu bar while showing less information, the only way I've found to reduce the size of the headerbar and csd elements is to use a modified gtk version, if there's a different way to accomplish this I'd like to know.
              Probably it's dependent on theme. If you check some GTK themes then you probably notice that they are more compact than Adwaita.