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Canonical Continues To Talk Up Google's Flutter UI Toolkit

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    Originally posted by 60Hz

    Typical Ubuntu user.
    Oh, it's not just morals, it's facts as mentioned.
    As much as you believe in it to the point of becoming aggressive about it, you are wrong on all aspects and that's it.


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      Originally posted by linuxgeex View Post

      Your ad hominem at the channel is disheartening at best, hypocritical in fact, because you've decided without consideration, which is the definition of arrogance.

      Consider this: Every desktop is going to have a browser, with web tech, almost certainly open at all times. So if it was implemented in a reusable way it would actually be elegant, efficient, readable, accessible to a broad spectrum of users.

      That browser is going to have UI elements. Apps and sites are going to develop their own custom UI elements. Therefore having custom web-tech UI elements for the desktop's platform UI isn't adding anything new to the desktop... actually having the spectrum of C/C++-developed UI libraries would then be the bloat. We already have a dozen flavours of GTK , QT, FLTK, wxWindows, and more loaded at any one time because on the desktop there is no standard UI toolkit. Just accept it.

      Instead of directing your hate at the technology, direct it towards advocating for more thoughtful usage. That would actually benefit people. Hating on people without taking a moment to think makes you the problem not the solution.
      I think you got my post backwards