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The Last Minute GNOME Shell + Mutter 40 Release Candidate Changes

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    Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
    Diverse features from a diverse dev team. That defines a highly functional upstream.
    Oh fuck off


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      Originally posted by bash2bash View Post
      Do they still use that horrible user interface that looks like a mix of android/mac??

      funny thing, about 5 years ago I complained that virtual desktops should move horizontally and not vertically but they refused my suggestion, what idiots... now with gnome 40 they are advertising their horizontal virtual desktops... hahaha took them 5 years to understand what is needed by the users. With that kind of attitude, gnome 1000 will look like a regular MATE/Cinnamon desktop
      You realise you can use an extension to make them horizontal, right? And now that they changed it, you will be able to use an extension to move them vertically...

      This is such a huge non-issue. Only KDE trolls still beat that dead horse. It must hurt a lot being a KDE user these days if you have to resort to such lame efforts at trolling. Have fun with your obsolete DE relying on a commercial and restricted toolkit.


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        Originally posted by Mez' View Post
        On the other side of the spectrum, you forget to mention the ones living in their Care Bears world, full of rainbows, butterflies and unicorns.
        The ones lost in the Gnome world so deep they seem in ecstasy at every news and forget to look around and see the clandestine dump around the corner, a bit of a gloomy industrial area, some petrol leaking in a river. Things other see as very obvious.
        Is that what you want? To deny that some criticism is very well acceptable? Because it is based on actual disappointments over the dismissal of feedback from Gnome devs and the lack of options or user-centric good practices? Or will you just consider it alright if we accept to live in their (your?) boring and yet intolerant world?
        Quote a single comment in this thread illustrating your words, and please tell me who is intolerant when people using Gnome make some users "hate humanity". Nobody forces Gnome upon them (you?) and yet it deserves hate.


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          Originally posted by JackLilhammers View Post

          Why should comparisons be retrograde?
          IMHO everybody should copy everything worth copying.
          If Windows does something better, let's shamelessly copy it!

          Case in point, the new Activities Overview in Gnome 40 is basically Mission Control. It even uses the same gestures. But it's pretty nice, so who cares?!
          You are absolutely right, comparing is not retrograde in nature. It's just that in this case, Windows is just as good as user habits go, and yet it seems that's what people want. If you want Windows, use it. If you want Gnome 2, use Mate/Cinnamon/Xfce4/Budgie/Lxde/whatever. I don't see the point in "hating humanity" because of Gnome's direction when it's only one DE and there are so many others using traditional paradigms to chose from.



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            Budgie is nothing like Gnome 2.

            In my opinion, Budgie, Unity or Gnome Shell are part of the same paradigm, but through different implementations.
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              Here I'm 54 years old, more than 28 years experience with a lot of User Interfaces as my hobby and Job on HPUX, SGI, Solaris, Vax, Mac OS/7/8, OSX, Window 3.11 to 10, Android from the beginning, iPhone/iPad because I must, Palm OS/Web OS and Gnome since 1998 my daily driver at home and 20 years at my job and really exited for Gnome 40.

              Am I fanboy? I'm Linux only at home since 1998, so yeah I like Linux. It gave me many opportunities at work because I was coming from Unix and I know how to utilize its powers.
              I liked Gnome in the 1.x days and 2.x, I used also KDE, some for my job on experimental Magnetic Resonance Systems (MR) from Germany using OpenSUSE with KDE 3.x. But it felt clunky/too crashy/too confusing to use in private and lab. Gnome 3.x I use as daily driver since the beginning and watch it mature, and I grew with it. I use it on all my laptops at home, but not on my MediaPC/Home server which runs in the cellar but is connected to my living room LCD/TV and surround sound system. Here I use Openbox, just for a faultless Kodi entertainment setup which is a frontend for my Music/Video and (emulation) Game database. Because LightDM/Openbox is better for this setup. So no I'm not fanboy enough to force myself to use Gnome where it shouldn't be used, because there is something more fitting.

              An other thing, I also have a (work) Windows 10 laptop and a (work) Macbook. But I still like my Gnome laptops more and I' m more productive on it. I use the private Gnome/Linux laptops more for work then the Windows 10/Mac Book work systems. Simply because I' m more productive. I also find both (Windows 10 and MacOS) get a lot of undeserved praise.

              I watched Gnome40 videos, I'm really looking forward to it. I think I can get rid of a few extensions because of this design.

              Still find it funny to see the hate for Gnome is so persistent throughout the years all the way back to 1998, it keeps chugging on, and I keep loving it!
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                144Hz I think it is more pragmatic and, funny enough, in some way the same as you said.

                Use the tool that fit things the best, is stable, with the least amount of work. Maybe that is called maturity

                That is the way I use Linux for almost everything at work (and better/cheaper than the Unixes I used before), because of the flexibility and the ungodly number of applications/scripts/libraries and tools you can use and knit together to get a stable tool to wield. I sometimes build things quick for people of other departments in need just for a few days/weeks or months till the new shiny, expensive thingy comes to take things over. Years later I get a phone/mail/personal visit, things stop working, something in the workflow changed (new hardware/network or disk, etc) and my temporary 'quick fix' was still chugging along without anybody looking after it and just doing what needed to be done.

                Gnome is that desktop for me. I'm not looking for bells and whistles. I'm looking for a desktop that does things for me without being intrusive or forces itself upon me. Believe it or not, Gnome is this for me no matter what the loud naysayers say since 1998.


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                  Originally posted by JackLilhammers View Post
                  They've been supporting more than one button on touchpads since ages with multifinger clicks.
                  Which are based on a single button method until technology allowed sensors handle multiple functions without extra buttons. Apple mouse pad is one of applications.

                  Excluding Android, the average user comes to Linux after trying other operating systems.
                  Of course one could argue that Android can't be excluded and that Linux should follow that design.
                  Curiously enough, Gnome with only dash to panel is not that different than Chrome OS.
                  Right. Essentially User Interface keeps on improving and evolving from effective ideas and methods from different UI operating system. GNOME Shell minimalist layout attracts average users who focus on their workflow.


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                    Originally posted by finalzone View Post
                    Which are based on a single button method until technology allowed sensors handle multiple functions without extra buttons. Apple mouse pad is one of applications.

                    Originally posted by finalzone View Post
                    Right. Essentially User Interface keeps on improving and evolving from effective ideas and methods from different UI operating system.
                    Not really. Yes, UIs evolve, but the desktop metaphor has been mostly stable for 25 years.

                    Originally posted by finalzone View Post
                    GNOME Shell minimalist layout attracts average users who focus on their workflow.
                    When people say that usually their workflow matches the idea of workflow of the Gnome developers.
                    Otherwise they're forced to use extensions that won't be guaranteed to work with the next update.
                    Or to use other DEs altogether


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                      Also, touch oriented interfaces should not be the primary inspiration for desktop UI/UX since the hardware that these UIs run on is very different