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Exiv2 Looks To Team Up With The KDE Project

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    Yeayo guy
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    Yeayo guy wrote:

    Qt is GPL.

    All the changes in the LTS that will now be commercial only, will be available in Qt6 under GPL license in the future.

    All GPL software made with Qt will remain GPL now and in the future.
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      Originally posted by cl333r View Post
      Because if they closed the LTS releases some day they might close down all releases.
      So we should let FUD rule the decision making processes? Lots of things *could* happen.

      One should remember that the current contractual requirement is that Qt source code must be made available under a free license no more than a year after release, or almost all of the IP of the Qt company could be released to the public domain (as with all else, the agreement more than just that, but that is probably the important part here). Of course the Qt company could choose to violate that agreement (which would likely result first in negotiation, and perhaps litigation), or the Qt company could try to buy themselves out of the contract (if they sent the KDE foundation enough money the foundation might accept changes to the contract), or if one wants to believe in a most evil Qt company, they could play a long game and try to stack the board to allow contractual changes.


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        Originally posted by CommunityMember View Post
        So we should let FUD rule the decision making processes? Lots of things *could* happen.
        It's FUD when it's baseless assumptions, not when the company is already doing it partially.


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          Originally posted by CommunityMember View Post
          It actually brings up a more interesting question of where such projects should live.
          Hmm, GNU? Not everybody is a fan of that

          Linuxfoundation? I think that is mostly software that lives around the Linux kernel?

          Apache, where things go to die? Not sure if that attracts new developers.

          So maybe KDE is not that bad. If this software is used all over KDE software, some people will support it going forward.


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            Apache has quite a bit of active software. It mostly functions quietly in the background. You need only investigate.