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Wine's Project Leader Has Given A Blessing To The Wayland Effort

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    Originally posted by Weasel View Post
    Vista is the exact same as XP and all before, because the previous window management APIs are the same. !
    No its not. API might look the same the back ground processing behind those calls is different in a big way..

    Originally posted by Weasel View Post
    as long as Windows supported multi-monitors. It has always been relative to the VIRTUAL screen encompassing all your monitors (which btw can be configured in the system, so it's not hardcoded in the code).
    This virtual screen gives you hell. XP and before as a total of 1 virtual screen encompassing all your monitors. Vista and latter with the dwm compositor there is more than 1 virtual screen encompassing this is how the low dpi to hidpi is done.

    Originally posted by Weasel View Post
    I must be super lucky then since I played a lot of games and never once had an issue with the fullscreen hack.
    Source was valve developers themselves. There are a lot of steam games if you look closely that are stuck in a window mode because valve developers have disabled full screen. proton has a lot of per game overrides those can hide a lot of sins unless you are look for them.

    When you talk to valve developers proton full screen hack works roughtly 60 percent of the time. Other tricks with full screen windows scaled up so the game does not go looking for the display buffer by opengl/vulkan work for roughtly another 39% of the time. And 1 percent of the time it does not work at all.

    Originally posted by Weasel View Post
    LMFAO you have no idea what you're talking about. Imagine needing sandbox when you can easily do this in Wine, if you really have to. Not saying Wine does it, because it may not even be a problem..
    LOL idiot. Why is using memfd for screen capture with Nvidia such crap compared to dma buf for amd/intel. It problem.

    Wine cannot sandbox this. The program is pushing shader to the GPU to get back what is the screen buffer. So what is wine meant to process every single vulkan/opengl shader looking for a screen buffer hunt.

    This is not problem solvable at wine. This is a problem that need to be solved in the opengl/vulkan stack. DMA BUF with mesa intel and amd passed around by wayland clients sandbox this naturally. You ask what is the parent to the DMA BUF given to a application by Wayland compositor in the GPU the answer is there is no parent. This is used as your base to your opengl/vulkan context under wayland. So yes again ask do you have parrent the answer is no.

    Now your opengl/vulkan context under X11 you can ask for parent and you will get a parent context and keep on getting parent context until you are back to the screen . Interesting point this breakout code has been trouble for the wine virtual desktop. This is not a new problem with proton full screen hack either. This is just the opengl/vulkan behavour under X11 turns out to have a horrible hole that ruins you when you attempt to scale.

    Yes the break out problem hit valve precessor to gamescope with Linux native games. This is not a new fault Weasel yet you are asking me for links. This is not a wine unique defect either. Its a X11 opengl/vulkan construction defect. Horrible the defect comes from the fact that the first opengl on X11 was for a single application only at a time.


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      Originally posted by Alexmitter View Post

      Wine is not a game.
      SDL is used more than just for games.