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Firefox 86.0 Released With Total Cookie Protection, Stack Clash Protection

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    Originally posted by Michael_S View Post
    Picture-in-Picture again? Why?

    I know I should shut up and (try to) do this myself, but someone should release a fork of Firefox with all of the damn features no sane person would ever use disabled by default. Notifications off, location sharing off, camera sharing off, VR/AR sharing off, and now Picture-in-Picture off.
    I use it to see all of the 2000 cable channels I am paying for every month. That way I don't feel I am paying a lot for stuff that I would never look at.


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      Gotta say, PiP to me was a seriois distravtion. I can drive six PC's at once (obvioisly not jands im, jist rapidly moving between, timing tasks, especially repetitive ones), but for some reason trying to digest A/V streams while working is a complete waste of time to me.

      And I find it fucking irritating that it was enabled on sites in some FF plugins and the stream scrolling with you is enabled it by default.