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PipeWire 0.3.22 Released With Many Improvements

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    I use pulseaudio system-wide with 5.1 DTS encoding via ALSA to my receiver. This allows me to output best quality with remixing and minimal resampling since I try to make sure I have everything configured to the native 48000Hz. I use system-wide because I want to have things like mpd working without needing a running desktop session, and be able to mix session sound and games etc as needed with access controls.

    I know it never has been a recommended setup, but with a few tweaks this setup works perfectly with the sole exception of clicks when changing volume as the buffers get rewound, and even as a network sink.

    I would like to have pipewire working too or instead of pulseaudio if it could replicate this setup, but there appears no way to have pipewire either connect to a system pulseaudio, or itself run in system mode. Am I missing something or just completely out of luck?