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GNOME 40 Will Finally Show File Creation Times Within Its File Manager

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    Originally posted by Volta View Post

    I had and their usability is far away from my preferences. I even prefer Windows over it, but Windows is terrible mess overall. I always preferred KDE over everything, but I'm currently Gnome user, because it's more polished.
    Personal preferences aside, I think that calling Apple UI/UX a joke is a little stretched.
    For better or worse, they're the one company obsessed with design.

    By the way macbooks are the only laptops where you feel you don't need a mouse.
    Neither Windows nor Linux even come close yet.

    Windows is messy, but that's the price for backwards compatibility, something that in the Linux world seems almost like an nuisance.
    When your os runs on the majority of the desktops in the world you can't just replace the old and familiar UI with a new one and expect the people to be fine with it.
    They tried with Windows 8 and we all saw what happened.

    Gnome did that too and that gave us at least Cinnamon and Budgie. (and Pantheon?)


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      pabloski JackLilhammers

      You may be right after all. For example, I always hated top panel, but after switching to Gnome I kinda like it. It's sometimes matter of getting used to it. The same is true for Apple's design.


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        Originally posted by White Wolf View Post
        What a great achievement. Windows is superior here, they did it more than 20 years ago...
        Hope linux in 10 years will be polished as Windows 10 now for end user then maybe it will be used more for desktops.
        I was at first gonna say "don't waste everybody's time by fishing with dynamite"...
        Then decided to read whole thread first.
        Seems I was wrong, you got more than half-a-dozen.

        Impressive catch, good for you.


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          Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
          JackLilhammers Sorry but you and Mez’ need to stop projecting your hate on Red Hat.

          So you got trapped by the Qt CLA. Mez’ got trapped by Canonical CLA. Deal with your stuff and keep Red Hat out of it.
          I don't hate Red Hat. Why should I?
          Besides, don't you think that things can be a little more nuanced than love or hate?


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            Originally posted by pabloski View Post
            ... In one sentence: macOS makes users productive!
            I am using all systems currently depending on the task and I think you nailed the OSX approach.
            They really try to server users requirements while keeping the whole thing coherent ... as much as possible.
            The lambda user is the driver of the realisation.

            While on the linux desktop side the lambda user is an ****** that does not understand the philosophy and ask for useless features like dates and thumbnail instead of shaders.

            I really hope that GTK4 will address more productivity and help more lambda user stick with linux.