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Wine-Staging 6.0-RC5 Is Testing A Patch That May Hurt The Performance Of Some Games

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    im stupid what benefits i have with this patch there any game/app is usable thanks to this patch or something ?


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      Originally posted by Weasel View Post
      Since nothing was mentioned, I doubt it.

      This is just the classic "let's cater to purity instead of practical performance" issue wine development has (or wine-staging), unfortunately. Given it's by Zebediah Figura it's no surprise.
      What's wrong with Zebediah? Isn't esync from him and yet always refused upstream so not that pure I'm guessing?


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        Bus Simulator 18 (Steam Wine 64)
        isn't working since 5.2x (last running in November / beginning of December) Game Center (Steam Wine 64)
        show a weird endless mirror effect at the upper left corner since 5.2x

        Can someone of you confirm, please.


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          Originally posted by vsteel View Post

          That is the point of wine-staging. If you are concerned about beta software then the staging branch is not for you.

          I am sure something had an improvement or was supposed to have an improvement, but it is in staging so it can be tested in a larger arena where these kinds of bugs can be found. Hence the ~800 patches on top of standard wine.
          I find, at least with wine, the whole idea of beta and production to be not much of a thing. Sure there could be something more unstable, but as a whole, many things are broken, crash, and won't run. Regressions will probably happen in all of them as well. Use whatever works is my motto for wine.

          Probably no one should really be concerned.
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