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GNOME In 2020 Saw Many Optimizations, GTK 4.0 Released, GNOME 40 In Development

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    Thank God GNOME remains meritocratic.


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      Right now gnome like no other DE just looks modern and coherent which for me is the reason why people are using it. Gnome design team is doing cosmetical rearrangements instead of addressing long standing community issues (desktop icons, app indicator, optional visible dock, etc), because design solutions are mainly based upon feedback from developers of associated companies. Who cares about the fact that the largest userbase is coming from ubuntu and is using countless extensions.


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        Originally posted by franglais125 View Post
        No, no, that's not how it works around here. The person who shared their issue on here is the one that must provide bug reports and/or step up to fix the issue themselves. Welcome to Phoronix.


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          Originally posted by chocolate View Post
          We normal people with a full time job don't have a proper way to voice our dissent and have our constructive criticism accepted and actually discussed.

          I guess the expectation is that you must be a cretin with a ThinkPad and start churning away at code for free until Red Hat hires you and you become part of the "meritocratic" circlejerk.
          It's become an undefendable institution that doesn't take its userbase seriously, if it ever has.
          Originally posted by bash2bash View Post
          Unfortunately their un-democratic institution enforces their terrible Mac/Android mobile interface on Fedora, even after all the complaints and lost user base.

          It appears redhat has a strong hand in everything because they pay a lot of salaries, so people tend to accept what they are being told to do from their employer.
          Originally posted by pWe00Iri3e7Z9lHOX2Qx View Post

          Do they really though? What percentage of users are using vanilla GNOME Shell? What percentage have Dash to Dock or Dash to Panel installed? Why does Ubuntu feel the need to add the dock and AppIndicator for system tray icons?
          Originally posted by bash2bash View Post
          Let me guess, that is a copy/paste from GNOME marketing material? that is a lot of garbage in one paragraph.

          The truth is really painful, when Fedora switched to gnome 3, it lost almost all its user base. If it wasn't for Fedora Spins with alternative desktops, Fedora would have been a footnote in the history of linux distros. Fedora's user base never really recovered, gnome 3 and its terrible user interface made a lot of damage.

          Gnome 3 still causes so much division even after so many years, but GNOME devs still refuse to acknowledge reality. Their inability to accept reality (or maybe their egos) prevents them from making GNOME a friendly and more usable desktop.

          Sad really...
          So glad to read these comments. Completely in line with what I've been saying and basically half of the comments I've been reading around Gnome.
          Spot on.

          Some blinkered yes men cultists like 144Hz will fake positivism (with silliness and gullibility, probably paid by Red Hat) without even an ounce of critical mind, but the image of Red Hat and Gnome is slowly being chipped away. Proof that there is something wrong with their method.


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            Originally posted by pWe00Iri3e7Z9lHOX2Qx View Post
            Do they really though? What percentage of users are using vanilla GNOME Shell?
            How many devices come with vanilla desktop environment ranging from Android to Microsoft Windows 10 without customization from vendors?

            What percentage have Dash to Dock or Dash to Panel installed?
            Who are installing these extensions? Power user or ordinary user.

            Why does Ubuntu feel the need to add the dock and AppIndicator for system tray icons?
            Canonical's decision to flavour their distribution hardly different from vendors.


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              Originally posted by 144Hz
              Mez' Sorry but the strong support from all the major distributors proves you wrong. But thanks for sharing your opinion anyway..
              From the few that still have Gnome as their primary DE, only a couple of them ship Vanilla Gnome. And no real big player. Ubuntu doesn't.

              Fedora does but it is nowhere near its popularity of 15 years ago in terms of "market" penetration so it's basically insignificant and we can safely disregard it.

              That doesn't leave many distros with a decent userbase actually trusting Gnome the way it was designed.


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                Yes, Gnome is so popular that we have Mint and Mate. I've tried vanilla gnome many times and always dump it because the desktop acts so quirky and flaky.


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                  Mez' Sure disregard whatever facts you want. It’s not like anyone cares about your opinion anyway And don’t expect anyone to waste time discussing such poor trolling.

                  Fact is that the distributors just use GNOME, including its powerful and flexible theming and extension options.


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                    Originally posted by chocolate View Post
                    It's still a wreck.
                    On a RX 5700 with 8GBs of VRAM I had to scale a wallpaper down to 2560x1440 (native target monitor resolution) to bring VRAM utilization down, and only then noticed less microstuttering in some games, all the rest being equal. Default Pop!_OS wallpapers go up to 4K and GNOME then stores them in VRAM at their original resolution, uncompressed, using 32 bits per pixel. No wonder it is totally unusable on low-end hardware with integrated graphics (tablets, cheap laptops...).
                    What do you mean by "VRAM utilization"? I have an RX5700 and two 2560x1440 displays attached. Both with the (in)famous Mojave wallpapers that come with in 5120x2880 sizes. My VRAM usage with normal desktop work sits somewhere below 1GB and according to MangoHUD I have never come close to an 8GB VRAM usage in ANY of my games.


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                      Every time I read news related to GNOME, I know the comments section is going to be full of trolls.
                      So let me state the obvious:
                      • The new Activities view has nothing to do with Apple or macOS.
                      • I use vanilla GNOME since 3.8, coming from an OpenBox + tint2 + PCManFM configuration. I like its minimalism and the fact it doesn't "get in the way"
                      • It doesn't feel heavy or clunky at all. In fact it's pretty stable by the time Fedora ships it.
                      • Some users should stick with CDE or GNUStep and be happy with their 1993 desktop.