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Xfce 4.16 Released With Numerous Improvements To This Lightweight GTK3 Desktop

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    Originally posted by nsklaus View Post
    read again the part of the message you quoted. 1st paragraph. you will find the answer to your request.

    i must add i completly agree with the person you quoted.. gnome is the shame of linux desktops. horrible design. they removed all the power user options that existed in the gnome2 days. many voiced concerns, but they refused to hear continually. it seems to me they will only be happy when their desktop will become one big giant "logout" button that take 99% of the screen. with their ridiculous ideas of fusing toolbars and titlebars together, their "obese" UI elements, and also them, removing all the power users options and such. there was a time someone provided an app called "tweak gnome" (or some similar name, i quote from memory) this app was to overcome the fact gnome did remove all the options themselves, and then they reacted by making it so that app couldn't be ran or was made incompatible, or that it couldn't be used anymore. gnome act like apple do on their desktop. "we give you a desktop and you are forbidden to change anything". this is "un-linux-like". a little while ago, they even balanced the idea of banning theming their desktop altogether. this list of the bad behavior goes on and on and on. gnome team have bad mindset, and produce bad desktop. with that mindset, if they produced top notch desktop that would be a bit different, but they produce bad desktop and make it so you cannot change it into something usable.
    Where is such answer?

    And again goes "If it's not traditional then it's bad" nonsense. Does making something new is now forbidden on Linux and all desktops should follow traditional design? This is supposed to be that FLOSS freedom? You failed to understand one thing - freedom is not only for users but also for developers. If GNOME wants to make their desktop behave like they want - they can do it because they are free to do it. Your don't have to use or accept it and it's your freedom. "Tweaks" application you say? Do you know it actually doesn't adds new features but it's more or less GUI to the features that GNOME has but are not visible? Tweaks works by managing hidden dconf/gsettings settings. Of course there is no reason to hide them but saying they are removed is simply not true. When did they blocked Tweaks application and why they would do this? Also saying that they forbids to change is again nonsense. If this is true then why they are permits running extensions and last time even wanted to make extensions developers work easier? Why they permits changing hidden options instead of removing them for good? Why they develop extensions that implement classic session? They never forbid user to change desktop. Saying that is again false claim.

    They are not making bad desktop. They simply making desktop you don't like. You don't have to use it and they don't have to accept your opinion. This is called "freedom". Trying to take their freedom from them is "un-linux-like" way.


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      Ha! Awesome! It’s the gui I use on all my (family) old PCs and I just love it!!!! Update mode on. :-)


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        If your DE doesn’t support it then consider to file a bug
        That's not a bug, it's a feature.

        I mean look at those title bars: fugly.