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Mozilla Firefox Appears Ready To Enable AVIF Image Handling Support By Default

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    Originally posted by OneTimeShot View Post
    At the end of the day, JPEG is the 28 year-old image format that just keeps on truckin'
    Originally posted by Quackdoc View Post
    that's just pretty much because of lazy devs and the curse of backwards compatibility... the general users use jpeg because its familiar, they could be given any number of formats and 90% of the time default to jpeg... even when they want "The best quality possible"... and of course, many programs and devices dont support "modern" formats like webp despite it being objectively superior in most cases and 10 years old now...
    You are right when says that general users don't know how to get "the best quality possible" and programs and devices lack support for advanced encoding/decoding codec/formats.

    But maybe this is not "lazy devs" fault at all because:
    1. Image and video codecs are a patent landmine and the are many companies and trolls using their IP to gather money from you through hardware/device royalties, streaming fees and other forms of monetization.
    2. Even if a small developer/company could create a innovative feature, it would be at risks of being drowned by litigation and competitors pressure.
    3. The situation is that so bad, that even the companies with patent IP could'nt agree and form a single patent pool. Today it's uncertain to how one must pay HEVC royalties.
    4. A "general user" certainly want that a picture taken today could be viewed in the next 20 years.
    5. Think about what format can have this level of forward compatibility ?
    6. AV1/AVIF appears to be overcoming these issues with AOM broad support and cooperation, royalty-free licensing, strong patent defense tactics, and open source development best practices.


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      1. Many of royalty free codecs exist, Webp/VP8 is one of them, just use one of them and list jpeg as not reccomended

      2.they dont need to innovate. implementing alreadt existng features is not innovation.

      3.see above

      4. forwards compatibility is a non issue with the majority of picture formats. they are generally not likely to be removed from programs unless they are uber obscure or its a shoddy program

      5.webp, tiff/exif etc.

      6. Av1 is still infantile, its been nearly 30 bloody years since jpeg came out, webp for instance is objectively better in almost all regards.