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GNOME Shell UX Continues Improving For GNOME 40

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    Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
    I mean GNOME would be OK on a tablet or a phone (despite the fact it doesn't even run well on both),
    Have you tried KDE on a Pinephone, try it. Then try a distro that respects itself and ships Phosh.

    Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
    but on a desktop it simply loves to screw you up and place the buttons in the wrong places.
    Furthermore, precious vertical space wasted by huge gaps, and this mockup makes it worse. Why?!
    Ah yes, the server side decoration fraction blaming wasted vertical space in a menu you only open if you rearrange windows over workspaces/monitors or open apps.


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      Originally posted by jntesteves View Post
      I saw this earlier and I'm honestly shocked at what I saw. The new metaphors are worse than current shell in every possible way! They propose, instead of iterating on the current excellent spatial model of gnome-shell, to completely ditch it in favor of a more Apple-esque model for absollutely no reason. I've been using gnome-shell for a decade, it's a great desktop UI. It needs iterative development. It definitely does not need re-imagining as an Apple product.
      Where do you see something Apple-ish? The dash on the bottom?


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        Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
        More like GNOME Shell UX Continues Regressing for GNOME 40.
        GNOME UX never improves.
        Is acting as a troll to create more clicks and discussion part of the "Honorary Editor" title?


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          it looks to be a big improvement, but Notifications, will they work the same way as they do now?
          gonna get ya trolls anywhere
          there is an Extension that puts the dashboard on the bottom, i liike that how they have used that idea an put it into gnome
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            The best thing with GNOME Shell is that you can load the ArcMenu and Dash-to-panel extensions.


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              Just use the version 4 bump to drop the stupid things gnome 3 introduced and make a true desktop environment now. Looks like inspired a LOT by deepin witch is imho the best DE out there (even their ugly oversized rounded corners) because it’s simple, consistent, and designed for being easy to use for macos and win users too.


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                I tried to use Gnome for over a year.

                I totally dislike Gnome UI/UX. It's insane. I tried to love it and modify by using extensions, no success.

                Basic computer users get messed with Gnome at home too, specially when it shows all windows.

                It's used in modern systems, so performance isn't an issue.

                It's a waste of screen space, it's messy to use, it's confusing, it lacks lots of integration, limited personalization.

                I like stuff of KDE, but it's buggy.

                I tried XFCE, LXDE, LXQt... but lacks features I like from Gnome and KDE.


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                  Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
                  I mean GNOME would be OK on a tablet or a phone (despite the fact it doesn't even run well on both),
                  Yeah, desktop with keyboard and mouse focus would be really great on mobile. Because it has big icons and big buttons so it has to be good for touch screens right? /s

                  No. The fact something has big icons and big buttons doesn't mean it's made for touch screens. It takes more design choices to make interface for mobile platforms than simply make everything big. Also the fact something doesn't follow traditional metaphor doesn't mean it's not for traditional PC. It's not and never was like "make traditional desktop or you don't belong to PC". Big icons or buttons also makes sense for HiDPI screens. For example look at macOS Big Sur. Well, GNOME is also not perfect on HiDPI screen - for example look how bad application list looks like on HiDPI screen. But it's much more better suited here than for mobile where even KDE is much better.

                  Of course nobody forces you to like GNOME metaphor and drop traditional. But why keep repeating that GNOME is for smartphones and tables when it's not? It's a desktop environment, just different than traditional ones. As I said the fact something is not traditional doesn't mean it's not for traditional desktop. Isn't Linux about freedom? If it is then why it's like "be traditional or GTFO"?


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                    Edit: Nevermind.
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                      Gnome 2 wasted the good gnome 2 ui to allow tablet workflow. Thing is, NO-BO-DY use gnome on a tablet, so beat it. Bring back a workstation focused UI back and stop with useless gadgets and plugins system, just make it good out of the box and with good customizations options. We need a task bar and very fast virtual desktop access.