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KDE Sees New Features, Bug Fixes Ahead Of Christmas

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    Originally posted by Calinou View Post

    Does kwin-lowlatency help if you're not using compositing? I have a 144 Hz monitor but I always have compositing disabled (to get the best gaming performance). Being on Fedora 33, I'm wondering if it's worth the trouble to use kwin-lowlatency instead of stock KWin.
    It doesn't because you are not using compositing. kwin-lowlatency only helps with compositing performance.


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      ngraham with the audio applet change, the tab bar was moved to the bottom for UX reasons? But is that dependent on where the applet/panel is positioned on the screen edge? On your blogpost one user shared the concern that it addresses a UX issue for some users by making it an issue for other users.

      Perhaps it makes sense as a default but could be configured/flipped when that suits better?

      Personally, I am rarely interacting with the tabs, so them being further away from the panel works well for me, and mute button was near my applet, but now will be all the way up with the header above the volume slider? (not complaining btw, it may not be a UX improvement for me but it's not a major inconvenience either). I assume the applet layout doesn't have context to adapt itself, this is probably a pattern that applies for most applet views, so consistency is more important

      I have a bottom panel, only one audio device usually and if there were any minor UX issue, I guess it's the amount of empty/blank space padding between the panel and the volume slider as it's unable to adapt based on height (not always a bad thing if audio devices are frequently changing and you want to have a fixed/predictable location for the slider, but otherwise blank space is contributing much?).