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CUPS' Founder Releases PAPPL 1.0 As Modern Printer Application Framework

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    I have not had big issues with CUPS. It is mature software and works fine, I am not too fond of wheel reinventing just for the sake of it.

    Most problems are due to the lack of a good printer driver.

    Things with printers have improved a great deal. I see many comments that printers are notorious for manufacturers having their own unique languages. Actually things are becoming more standardized and driverless. Most printers can be used without a driver with IPP Everywhere. Its better than other product categories. Really every class of hardware should support the same hardware interface so you don't need billions of drivers.

    If you need to configure a printer often the best way is to use the command

    lpadmin -p <print_queue_name> -v <device-uri> -E -m everywhere

    Which works the best in most cases if the printer supports IPP everywhere. Most networked printers do nowadays. So thinks are generally vastly improved than they used to be and printers are not so much the mess of proprietary interfaces.


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      Originally posted by dirlewanger88

      You're a nobody, just like I said.
      That is rather rude and disrespectful for a daily contributor to OpenSource since ±20 years, ... At least Google has: About 586.000 results (0,56 seconds) and my new YT channel is growing, so that is less than zero ;-)