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KDE Saw A "Bug Massacre" This Week With Better NVIDIA Wayland Experience, Many Fixes

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    With Plasma 5.20, I'm using Wayland by default and I have to say it's working fine. The only issues I encountered are Kmail still having rendering issues and the hamburger menus on the title panel (which I don't use though).
    Never crashed or had any other problems, copy-paste now works fine even from GTK to QT applications or vice versa.
    I believe the next Plasma LTS will set Wayland by default.


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      Originally posted by Steffo View Post
      Can anyone confirm, that NVIDIA and Wayland actually works?
      On my KDE Neon box with intel CPU and nVidia discrete graphics and multiple monitors, it does not work. On my KDE Neon box with an AMD APU with one large screen TV, it works beautifully.
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