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KDE Plasma 5.20 Released With Better Wayland Support, Many New Features

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    Originally posted by Charlie68 View Post

    Nobody no, I use it at work and with me 46 people only in my company.
    Yours are absolute truths, which do not correspond to reality, obviously Windows is the most used operating system, but certainly not for the DE, but for other reasons.
    In the company we all use Leap with the Lts version of Plasma, we only have two PCs running Windows 10.
    I am actually very surprised to hear this, a real company with 46 people running KDE. To be honest, it is even hard for me to believe.


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      Originally posted by bug77 View Post

      That's way too generic. In my case, I'm about as productive on both KDE and Windows (no KRunner on Windows, but fewer scaling problems in return). Gnome makes me feel like I'm all thumbs. But that's not true for everybody.
      I'm faster on Linux than on Windows. But I use a desktop with a single 1920x1080 monitor.

      People I know running Linux on laptops that use hibernate and suspend a lot and multiple external monitors and resolutions > 1920x1080 in various combinations tend to have more headaches than people using Windows or Macs. That's not to say Windows and Macs handle all those scenarios well, but they tend to handle them better.


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        Originally posted by JackLilhammers View Post
        Thanks, but I don't use KRunner just for searching. Simple calculations, opening a bookmark, occasionally installing a program are things I'm used to.


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          Originally posted by bug77 View Post

          Thanks, but I don't use KRunner just for searching. Simple calculations, opening a bookmark, occasionally installing a program are things I'm used to.
          Wox should cover most of your needs, and is open source too.

          PS: KRunner is just awesome


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            And also brings regression(s).
            I found that I cannot switch audio output for any application, so if you have couple audio outputs you can switch only currently playing application in "Devices" section. "Applications" section shows list of applications where each of one has option: "Show additional options for NAME_OF_SELECTED_APPLICATION" but clicking into it does nothing. Of course switching in 5.19.5 worked well. I'm going to report it. Tested in Arch and Neon.


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              Then you are a rarity, because more people use Windows than GNOME, KDE and whatever and they're happy with it.

              It does not take very much digging to work out a large percentage of Windows users in fact hate it.

              Originally posted by uid313 View Post
              They use it everyday at their workplace to do real work and it lets them do their job.

              Windows 10 is the most popular desktop operating system in the world, it is used in the real world by real people to do real work.
              Nothing here says person has to like it.

              There are a lot of places where Linux desktops are used for real people to do real work.

              Popularity in software usage does not have to equal liking using it. Lets say you need Windows to-do your accountancy work electronically conforming to countries laws if you like Windows or not is no longer a factor right as your hand has been forced. There are a lot of people using Windows that is was not a free choice instead windows is a tool they have to use so they can either interface with work or interface with their government. The reality is the hate percentage in windows users being as high is because it is really forced on users and they cannot get away from Windows even if they want to.

              One of the reasons why apple hardware can be so over priced is how high the Windows hate is.

              Originally posted by uid313 View Post
              Nobody uses KDE.
              This is also not true. You have parties like Google funding KDE development because shock horror a percentage of their internal desktops use KDE.

              Basically drop the idea that Windows is like at all.

              The question comes what is wrong with the Linux solutions and other alternatives.
              1) Linux ice-station issue where it stalls. A stall to a windows user is crash press reboot button. This makes Linux be thought of really bad by users. Yes due to windows users windows training they are not going to adjust the Linux settings to fix the stall they will just think Linux is broken. This stall problem need to be properly fixed I hope OOMD pulls this off. So this case is windows user hates Linux more than Windows but that does not mean they like Windows.
              2) Not covering enough usage cases. This will be hard with items like Adobe.
              3) Businesses and Governments having a incumbent problem. If you look at history countries with high windows usage also had high MS Dos usage over 10 years before Linux existed. Incumbent can be extremely hard to move.

              Big thing with operating systems on computers is normally not picking something you like but picking something you hate the least to get the job done.