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KDE Plasma 5.20 Should Be Crashing A Lot Less Under Wayland

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    Originally posted by mikus View Post
    I've had not as many personal laptop/desktops over the years as yourself, but even for me a typical laptop or a typical desktop with one display works great. The problem is I don't do "typical" with 3-6 displays at a time as it's how I work. It's really hard to describe all the weird graphic issues I see, almost all are reproducible by me, but bug reports tend to go into /dev/null with kde folks as no one else rolls like this to see or experience it.
    Forgive me for not reading the rest of your report, I'm on a time crunch.
    You claim that your reports go to /dev/null by default, again, I beg to differ.

    Recently I reported two bugs against plasma and both were resolved within a month (one within two days!)
    Maybe my reports are far more informative, maybe yours are too hardware / driver dependent.
    No idea.

    Now I should note that my anecdotal evidence, is just that. Anecdotal. It cannot be used to invalidate *your* personal anecdotal evidence (even if my sample size is considerably larger).

    However, given the fact that you are making generalized claims ("but bug reports tend to go into /dev/null", "KDE to quit crashing with the past 20 years of xorg", etc) my anecdotal can easily be used to beat the "generalized" part of your claim.

    - Gilboa
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